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Foo Fighters: Walk

I’m a huge fan of this band and their video for Walk off their latest album Wasting Light is amazing.  Especially since its an homage to one of my favorite movies, ‘Falling Down’ (with an incredible performance by Micheal Douglas to make it an even better film).  Check out the video below, instant classic (like most of their videos).

That just happened!

Secret Diaries of Dr. Victor Drankenstein, Ch. 4: Carpe Noctem!

Welcome back to everyone’s favorite thing about Friday (especially mine), The Secret Diaries of Dr. Victor Drankenstein!  Now usually I just go grab something from a local mini mart the night before a new installment.  But I actually acquired this week’s drank in a truck stop gas station in the middle of nowhere almost a full week ago, so I’m even more eager than usual to get this party started.

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Wii U Already Broken, Water is Wet

In what I’m sure will come as a surprise to hardly anyone, French technology site 01net has reported that apparently the Wii U already doesn’t work.

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Comically Entrenched

No, neither of these people are me. I think.

I have some of the best memories sitting around on a lazy day during summer or on a weekend with the comics section of the local paper in my hot little hands.  Favorites include classics such as Calvin & Hobbes or newer ones I only saw when in high school such as Zits.  This is all well and good of course but we all know print is dead (Thank you once more, Egon) so the question remains where are we to go to find those wonderful strips of funny, and what about those people who are compelled to become cartoonists in this wild digital age?  Well I see only one solution: webcomics.  I’ve been a fan of webcomics since I first discovered them ages ago when internet speeds hit all time highs of 48.8 kbps or even the mythical 56.6 (for all you kids too young to know what those numbers mean:  get off my lawn).  There are a vast majority of them out there, of every genre you can imagine.  Some make it big, others fail or are satisfied simply presenting content to a small handful of people forever.  It doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy doing what you love.  Regardless my long diatribe on a love for the medium, when a new webcomic slides through my radar it can sometimes be dismissed quickly.  Rarely one lands and makes a huge impact on me.  I’m here to talk about one of the rare ones.  Welcome … to The Trenches.


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Saints Row Retrospective: Part 1

With Saints Row: The Third on the horizon and the recently re-released Saints Row Double Pack available for only $19.99, I decided it was probably time I give this series a try.  So without further ado let me welcome you to the first entry in my two-part Saints Row Retrospective, in which I’ll be playing and reviewing the series thus far while we all wait patiently for the next installment.

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Review: Dominion

Earlier this summer I was introduced to Dominion, a card based tabletop strategy game.  Wait! Before you run in horror, hear me out on this.

Let me begin with the simple declaration that I love this game.  In this review I will do my best to explain why I love Dominion and why YOU should give it a try.

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This is Madness!

Let’s talk games shall we?  There have been several of my esteemed partners in Occurrency that have written about them already.  Even I did.  Kind of.  I off handedly said WoW was better than Rift or something like that, but if you read deeper it says so much more.  Now then let’s get past that, alright?  Good.  Now then, I like games, you like games, we all like games.  The fun kind, not the kind that involve the fairer sex and end with one person having a severe case of the “WTF’s”.  But if you are like me you have a limited budget upon which to purchase, support, and play said games.  So when one of these Free-to-play games comes along I tend to give it a small benefit of the doubt.  Enter:  Realm of the Mad God.


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Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online is Upon Us

I hope you are all as pumped as the staff here at ANO, for Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online, which drops August 24th on XBLA.

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Bastion Easter Egg: Steam version only.

Bastion Easter Egg

I’m pretty bummed this is available only on the Steam version and not the XBLA version.


Rifting on the WoW

Ah nuts, someone order a truck load of pizza, gonna be a long night.

I’ve been playing MMOs for a good portion of my gaming history at this point, going all the way back to Ultima Online.  So when I tried out the Rift trial a friend of mine tossed my way I was in no way exaggerating when I fired the game up, played it for a bit and matter of factually declared “I’ve played this before” to an empty room (I really need to stop talking to myself so much).  This is in no way dismissive nor is it a backhanded slam against the game, in fact I actually enjoyed the game for what I played.  Anyone who knows me, however; knows I’m a pretty hardcore WoW addict.  Was Rift enough to break me of the habit?  Find out what I really thought about Rift and how it stacks up when compared to the current behemoth that is World of Warcraft after the break.


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