The Dark Knight Rises: More Catwoman, and a first look at Bane!

Pittsburgh is proving to be the absolute lowest-security place to film a highly anticipated sequel to one of the most successful comic book film franchises of all time.  Leaked images from The Dark Knight Rises are hitting the Internet like bathroom self-portraits on Facebook.  Here we have a less-dolled up angle from the scene I wrote about last week.  Nothing too exciting, but it does reveal more of Catwoman’s not-really-a-costume.  There have been alleged stuntwoman-with-a-mask sightings, but I guess it’s just a small domino mask?  I don’t know if I need ears or a tail or anything, but a cowl would be nice.  I’m just not sure it’s a good idea to have all that hair hanging out if you’re going to be a high-end cat burglar…

Batman's services will not be required on this case.

Next up, we’ve got a sneak peek at what looks to be Bane’s entire costume, rather than the shadowy over the shoulder shot we’re getting in the trailers.  I’m putting a break here in case you are extra sensitive to spoilers, but there’s no story given away here or anything.

Let's pockets.... ah yes...CRIPPLE BATMAN.

So there you go.  Bane.  Looking pretty awesome if you ask me.  Between this shot and the one in the trailer I’m noticing a distinct lack of Venom tubes, but I don’t think that’s too much of a concern.  There are plenty of ways to get fictional strength-enhancing drugs into your system that don’t involve a system of easily-snagged tubes.  And if they wanted to go with a unique delivery system, I’m thinking that mask would do nicely.

My bet though I think is on a drug-free Bane.  Just a super-strong dude bent on taking down Batman and perfectly capable of doing so, through a combination of brute strength and careful planning ahead.  Obviously they won’t be able to use comic Bane’s tactic of releasing all of Batman’s deadliest enemies from Arkham Asylum simultaneously, but if there wasn’t going to be some sort of complexity to it they could have easily cast a pro wrestler instead of Tom Hardy.

All in all I’m pretty excited for this movie.  It’s the last for Christopher Nolan (and presumably therefore his cast as well), and DC is already planning a (sigh) reboot anyway, so things could get pretty crazy.  I’m talking Knightfall crazy.

Aw snap!

Let’s just hope Lucius Fox is also heading up some sort of high-tech secret wheelchair division deep beneath Wayne Enterprises!


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