‘Blade Runner’: Ridley Scott Directing New Film

Scott is set to Direct, not just Produce.

Deadline reports that Ridley Scott is going to be directing a new film in the “Blade Runner” world.  It is not yet clear if the film will be a prequel, a sequel, or *shudder* a reboot.

Back in March, Alcon Entertainment, a Warner Bros-based production company (“The Blind Side“, “The Book of Eli“) secured the film, television and ancillary franchise rights to “Blade Runner.”

Scott is currently working on “Prometheus” the “Alien” Prequel/Reboot/Spin-off.

What's around this corner? Horrible 3D?

Normally, I don’t jump on the “Internet Doom and Gloom Bandwagon.”   I would like to think that I can remain “cautiously optimistic.”  However, with Scott talking up 3D and putting it into “Prometheus” and Hollywood’s insistence on injecting that pesky third dimension into my favorite childhood memories, I’m not going to hold my breath.

I’m a HUGE fan of the original film.  It is likely my favorite film of all time and heavily influenced my taste in movies for much of my life.  I really hope they don’t make a joke out of the franchise.


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