Webcomic Wednesday: LFG


I’ve been led to believe yesterday was in fact Wednesday, and somehow I just lost track.  I’m beginning to think my lack of daily awareness should be cause for concern.  Regardless, my lack of a proper calendar aside, there’s something I must do.  No matter if you like it or not!  Yes, that’s right.  Time for another Webcomic Wednesday!  This week we search for friends, allies, and my favorite Dick ever.  That’s right we’re Looking for Group!

Now this webcomic is possibly one of the only strips I stumbled across completely by chance.  No family members led me to it, no other comics or websites had me click over to check it out, somehow I simply found it and started reading.  I might have been doing a websearch for something and mistakenly clicked it, who knows, the important thing is I found it and it hooked me!  Made by the same people who make Least I Could Do (one of my top fives if you remember) the art is instantly familiar to anyone who has read LICD.  As I’m also a huge World of Warcraft nerd the humor and setting played right to me as well.  This was also one of the few comics I jumped on early, perhaps only eight strips or so in; being able to see the entire narrative play out since has been quite the fun journey.

Touching on the art again by the talented Lar deSouza its is immediately familiar to fans of LICD.  I really enjoy Lar’s art, it has the effect of being both realistic and fantastic in the same instance, something that fits this world well.  The writing is also well done, Ryan Sohmer has obviously played his share of WoW and other fantasy setting video games as well as read more than a few fantasy novels, the influences of both are sprinkled throughout regularly.  The story has changed, at first it was a slapstick romp about a warlock and a ranger driving each other nuts, it has since changed to a serious tale of a group trying to fight for survival against an overwhealming oppressive force.  I mentioned my favorite Dick earlier, and he really is.  Richard the warlock is one of the most entertaining and interesting characters I’ve ever read, with every bit of his back story they reveal I’m intrigued more and more.  They’ve also released several volumes of the strip as an actual comic, both as single issues and as trades if you prefer your reading tangible and in your hand instead of digitally on your monitor.  The comic updates three days a week (a M-W-F schedule) and is well worth stopping over to enjoy.

That’s it for this week, even if it is a day late at least you got it!  Right?  Hey it was free.  I set an alarm for next week so look for it then.  See ya next time.


About Jeremiah Cochran

The last minute addition to the party that really brings it all together. Let's face it how else could you get past that Balrog without your Gandalf? (Yes I just compared myself to Gandalf, deal) A fan of comics, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, rolling dice, and tapping cards. Essentially he's the nerd renaissance man. Also he can cook. And do laundry (sort of).

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  1. I vow to start referring to Thursday as Wednesday, as a show of solidarity.

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