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Atari Flashback 3 Review

Flashback 3 box

This year while browsing the ads for Black Friday sales, I noticed something called the Atari Flashback 3. I’d been following the Flashback line of consoles and I have the first two, but news of this one managed to elude me until now. I guess I haven’t been visiting AtariAge often enough.

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Saints Row: The Third – Just in case “buy this game” isn’t specific enough…


If you read my retrospective articles on Volition and THQ’s Saints Row franchise here and here, you know that I have become a pretty huge fan of this series.  I was admittedly late to the party, getting the double pack once the hype for the newest installment started to hit in full force.  I tore through each massive game in under a week, noting the evolution from a somewhat derivative (although clever and well-acted) sandbox game to a unique world with a style all its own.

On the Internet and in gaming magazines, it was immediately clear that Volition’s intent was to push that style to its tested limits and beyond, to continue to carve their own path well away from the rest of the sandbox crime genre.  In a season featuring such heavy hitters as ArkhamGreatest Licensed Game of All TimeCity, and the homewreckingly engrossing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Saints Row: The Third easily became my most anticipated game of 2011.

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Its Time to Play The Music ….


It isn’t a remake, a relaunch, a reboot, it isn’t re- anything.  Unless you count rewatchable, which it is, I’d go watch it again right now if I could.  Its an original story (GASP) with memorable characters, celebrity cameos, catching tunes, and a green frog.  Nope, not Twilight (though that horrendous female lead is very toad like with her … oh nevermind fuck those movies – there point made) I’m talking about The Muppets.  Very simply named for what seems like a simple family movie at first.  Or perhaps it is, to normal people.  I’m not normal, far from it in fact, so when I watched this movie, a call back to everything I love about films and kid friendly entertainment I watched with eyes that see it just a bit different.  Let me make one thing VERY clear:  I liked what I saw.


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Comic books and libraries, together at last

My name is Ryan, I am a heavy reader, and I prefer comic books.  I enjoy all kinds of books, of course-I read through Lord of the Rings for the first time around third or fourth grade, and I’ve read Moby Dick multiple times for fun.  I enjoy anything from Kurt Vonnegut to Elmore Leonard to Star Wars novels.  And while the Star Wars books are currently catching up in this department, nothing on the printed page spells total immersion for me quite like superhero comics.

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Secret Diaries of Dr. Victor Drankenstein Ch. 15: Shaken-not mangled beyond recognition

Okay, I know that a while back I said that Seagram’s Gin & Juice was the classiest beverage you’d ever see me consume for journalistic purposes.  I’m pretty sure we may have a new contender for that title this week though-tiny canned martinis served in a plastic pinup girl glass from Spencer’s Gifts.  They had a thousand of these in the bumwine cooler at one of my favorite local Mini Marts, but when the guy rang it up at the register he looked at it like he’d never seen this thing before in his life.  Let’s find out why!

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Film Distributor Wanted

I came across this gem a few weeks back between the time I published my Buffy article and when I did my Dollhouse article. I got an instant boner when I heard about it but between school, work, and an internship I hadn’t had time to post about it. I now have the time and I still have the boner. Instead of a 20th anniversary vacation, Joss Whedon and his wife Kai Cole decided to adapt Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing under their Bellwether Pictures banner. They filmed it in 12 days.

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Cool Find: Darth Vader Candy Dispenser

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Webcomic Wednesday: Manly Guys Doing Manly Things


Yeah yeah.  I can hear it already.  “But you skipped last week!  Blah blah blah…”  How about you just hush huh?  I couldn’t come up with anything good, it all felt forced, so I gave up, hung out with some good people I know, and took the week off.  Deal.  Or do you look forward to these things?  YOU DO!?  Are you … ill?  Not that these aren’t all brilliant endeavors into the internet’s less traveled but well-loved tubes.  In fact this is probably the best thing you’ll read all week.  Unless I wrote other things.  Which I did THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  Hold on, I got sidetracked.  Anyway I give you MANLY GUYS DOING MANLY THINGS!  Ha, its a real comic so there.
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Batman: Arkham City


Oh Arkham City, you were the best relationship I’ve ever had with a digital Batman. Well aside from that random comic I found years ago but that was entirely different. Also, who brought that up? That stuff is private for a reason! What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Batman. Well here’s the review. Or should I say here’s my thoughts, very spoiler heavy by the way. This isn’t my attempt to sway you to picking up this game (seriously you should just pick it up, this is one of the best games you’ll ever play) this is my reactions, thoughts, and Batman love pouring out with every word. And hey I even brought along ANO’s Aaron for his thoughts as well (his thoughts will be in bold). Collaborated! Read the rest of this entry

Captain America: The First Avenger – 6″ Nick Fury figure review

Nick Fury on card

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