Masters of the Universe Classics: Icarius (Flipshot) Review

Icarius in packaging

One of the great things about the Masters of the Universe Classics line is that it incorporates characters from the vintage toyline, comics, Filmation cartoon, New Adventures of He-Man, She-Ra: Princess of Power, 200X / MYP, and unreleased concepts together with a consistent look. Icarius comes from New Adventures, which is one of the more obscure branches of the franchise. At least I wasn’t familiar with it until about a decade later. Whether that was because of poor distribution or that I was just too into TMNT to notice, I’m not sure.

Back of package

There’s an ad on the back of the mailer for the Create A Character contest.

Suited up

After the end of the original MOTU line, Mattel went in a new direction. Simply called “He-Man”, the new line was set in the future and was more sci-fi than fantasy. It had an accompanying cartoon series titled “The New Adventures of He-Man”, produced by DiC and animated by Japanese studio Jetlag. He-Man is brought to the future to help the Galactic Guardians defend the planet Primus from the Evil Mutants of planet Denebria. Skeletor comes along as well and becomes leader of the Mutants. While it acted as a continuation of the original story, the few returning characters differed in both appearance and characterization.

Icarius is the first Galactic Guardian (er, Galactic Protector?) in the MOTUC line, and only the second New Adventures character after Optikk. The next will be Slush Head in May 2012.

With Optikk

“Thank goodness you’re here. I’ve been so lonely.”

He was originally called Flipshot, but another company now has the trademark on that name. Icarius was his name on international releases and during development. So now Icarius is his real name, with Flipshot being a nickname. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with this character, but I find the name change to be no big deal. It’s far better than when the 200X line had Fisto renamed to… ugh, “Battle Fist”.

The design seems to take every last detail of his original figure and cartoon appearance and improves them: more detail, more paint apps, and modern articulation. Well, not every detail. The head sculpt seems to have more in common with Val Kilmer than Flipshot’s earlier appearances.


My camera’s too old and cheap to do close-ups. So here’s the next best thing.

Icarius uses the standard MOTUC legs and torso, flat abs, new arms, boots, pelvis, and removable armor. In place of the original’s removable helmet, he comes with both an unhelmeted head and a helmeted head with movable visor. The armor is made of a softer material than previous armor and so it’s easier to get on and off and seems less likely to eventually break with repeated use. Like the armor, the pelvis piece is also a softer material than we’re used to, allowing for more leg movement than other figures that don’t use the standard loin cloth. It does stop his legs from coming together as well as most figures though.
Superman pose
He comes with an impressive amount of accessories. Besides having two heads and removable armor, there are wrist rockets that peg onto a sort of shield, and a large jetpack that fits onto his back. The jetpack’s wings can fold back, and it has two removable (but non-firing) missiles. The left wing on mine has a loose joint and doesn’t stay in place very well. I’m not sure what’s causing it, so I don’t know if it’s a universal problem or it’s just mine.


Articulation is standard for a MOTUC, with ankle, knee, boot, wrist, elbow, bicep, waist and ab joints, double-jointed shoulders, triple-jointed hips, and a ball-jointed head. The ankle joints are nice and tight, which is important with that huge jetpack. I have a harder than usual time getting the heads back onto the peg and his armor’s turtleneck isn’t making it any easier. It also interferes, slightly, with the head’s movement.

Caught 'em

Even without any nostalgia for this character, I do like the figure quite a bit. It reminds me of early 90s action figure lines with its silver paint and missiles. Yet it fits right in with the rest of MOTUC.

Fitting in

Icarius was the monthly figure for October, so you’ll have to check places like, or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th.

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