Captain America: The First Avenger – 6″ Nick Fury figure review

Nick Fury on card

Recently I was in Walmart for my weekly gathering of food and allergy medicine, and I stopped into the action figure aisle, as I am prone to do. First I spotted some 6″ Thor movie figures. I guess they stood out because Hasbro hasn’t been making very many 6″ Marvel figures lately. Then I saw 6″ Captain America movie figures. Now normally I don’t have much interest in movie figures. There are a couple of reasons for this, but I think it’s mainly because it’s harder to make an accurate sculpt of a real person than of a comic book or cartoon character. So they come out looking just… wrong.

Anyway, among these Captain America figures was Nick Fury, sporting one of the most accurate face sculpts I’ve ever seen on a mass retail figure. It really looks like Samuel L. Jackson. It’s just a nice-looking figure, so it came home with me.


Apparently, this figure shares most of its body with a Marvel Legends Ultimate Nick Fury from a few years ago. It came in a two-pack with a WW2-era Ultimate Captain America which is also available, repainted, in this line. Compared to the 2-pack figure, this Nick Fury has a different head, a different paint job, a different gun strap, and a new gun (which previously came with a DIFFERENT Marvel Legends 2-pack Nick Fury). The sculpt is fairly realistic looking for coming from a comic book and works well as a movie figure. There are lots of clothing ruffles and a paint job that’s subtle but works well.


Much like the Marvel Legends this figure descends from, it has plenty of articulation but it’s not always handled well. The elbows are double-jointed and tight, and allow for a wide range of movement, but they’re awkward to use. It has the awful Marvel Legends ball hips that get misaligned easily and are annoying to get back. The jacket gets in the way of the shoulders so that you can’t put the arms down. Combine that with the tight joints and relatively soft plastic and you’ve got shoulders that just don’t want to work. Aside from that you’ve got a neck that moves back and forth as well as up and down, double-jointed wrists, knees, and ankles, and instead of a waist twist, there’s an ab joint that can rotate, move forward and back, and side to side. Though again, a lot of that goes to waste because of the jacket.


“Help, my arms won’t go any lower than this.”


“Draw me like one of your French girls.”

For accessories, there’s the jacket which can be removed with some effort and a gun strap that’s removable if you manage to get the jacket off. There are two pistols which can be placed in a holster on his leg and on the gun strap, a machine gun, and a rifle that he can’t hold very well.



Wow, specific.

Toy companies don’t seem to agree on what 6 inches means anymore, so if you’re wondering about scale, this Nick Fury stands about 6 1/2 inches tall. He’s more in line with DC Universe Classics than the older Marvel Legends figures.

6" Comparison

Somehow, these are all 6″ figures.

Well even though it has a few problems with articulation and one misbehaving accessory, I really like how this figure looks. It’s tempting me to pick up some more of these Marvel movie figures to assemble a team of Avengers. These 6″ Captain America figures, and I believe the Thor figures as well, are Walmart exclusives, so if you want them head there before they’re gone.

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