Cool Find: Darth Vader Candy Dispenser

Vader Candy
I found something interesting while in the checkout lane at Kroger the other day: a Darth Vader candy dispenser with electronic sound. This is a fat, cutesy Darth Vader that stands on a square base. Including the base it’s about 5″ tall, and there’s no articulation. A button on its chest both dispenses a piece of candy and triggers Vader’s breathing sound.

The head twists off so you can fill it. The candy itself is comparable to Tart n Tinys (which I guess they don’t make anymore), or to Spree (except smaller), only not quite as sour. It’s not bad, but nothing special. Since they don’t make Tart n Tinys anymore, I can’t think of anything that would be just right to refill it with. Maybe Tic Tacs? Things like Skittles or M&Ms are a little too big. M&M Minis might be good.

The tag indicates that the “Battery is not replaceable.”

Challenge Accepted
Just 2 Philips screws to remove the bottom panel and you have access to all the electronics. Unfortunately the battery is soldered onto the opposite side of that circuit board, which is stuck to the base by a melted plastic post. You win this round, candy company.

Anyway, I think 3 bucks is not bad for a nice looking chibi Vader that makes a famous movie sound, actually has details painted on and includes candy. Like I said, I found mine at Kroger, so that’s probably the best place to look for them if you have one nearby. Other grocery stores, drug stores, or Toys R Us might also be good places to find them.

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  1. I found mine at CVS 🙂


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