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My Five Favorite Games of 2011 That Weren’t Skyrim

The title should more or less get you up to speed on what’s happening here: your classic once a year condensation of everything awesome that happened for twelve months.  The last three years or so have been a pretty amazing time to be a gamer, and 2011 was certainly no exception.  And as someone with no real genre preference, it was an overwhelming year to say the least.  I feel a deep responsibility somehow to play everything that’s good, and that left me playing catch-up on 2010’s lineup for a large portion of 2011.  To be honest, I still am.

So realize, this is in no way a definitive “Best Of” list.  I’m not a magazine, and I entertain no such obligations.  These are the games that broke through the backlog, rudely shoving their way to the front of the line and demanding to be played immediately.  And nobody could stop them or do anything about it, because they were so awesome.  Also note that I am leaving off The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which is by no means a slight towards that game-quite the opposite in fact.  I am playing Skyrim with a devout focus that will one day be commemorated in the form of a Twilight Zone style cautionary tale.  When the last dungeon has been satisfactorily cleared of bandits, I will emerge squinty-eyed and gray-haired from my apartment into a world of flying cars and harsh gorilla overlords.

And besides, Skyrim will be on everyone’s list, you can get that anywhere.

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The Best of the Best: Wrestler Edition

As you know, I’m a big fan of lists. That is basically the only way my brain can process things. I list all Prince songs in terms of it being my favorite. For example, “Dirty Mind” is my #1 favorite Prince song while “Call My Name” sits lower as my 252nd favorite. I once made King Scumdogg make a list of all the reasons why he loves me. I know you’re probably thinking “There isn’t enough paper in the world for that list”. Yeah. That’s right. I can also read minds.

Anyway, I’ve been watching wrestling since I was young and good ol’ Scumdogg and I collect wrestling DVD sets. It was pretty much our first joint hobby and we ran with it. We haven’t watched as many of our 50+ sets as we would like but the ones we have watched have been awesome!

Without further adieu, check out my list of my top 5 favorite wrestlers of all time.

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Happy Holidays from ANO!

What a great half-year it has been since the founding of A Nerd Occurrence.  From app reviews, booze thoughts, comic intentions, table-top games, lesser known celebrity birthdays, and action figures; we’ve covered a range of topics (hopefully from an amusing and unique perspective.)  As we approach the end of the year and the holidays, I’m feeling thankful.  I want to express my gratitude to the readers, and writers of ANO.  What a pleasure it has been, to both hear and share the voice and opinion of some of my favorite people on this planet.

To the readers of A Nerd Occurrence (I know there are a couple of you out there) I hope that the blog has been fun to read.  I know we don’t have daily (or sometimes weekly) content, but understand that these people have been crudely mind-tricked by me to write for my amusement during their spare time.  I’m just saying, keep us in your periphery and perhaps we can bring a smile to your face from time to time.

Finally, I want to wish a merry Christmas to the ANO writers and everyone out there.  I’m a fan of this blog and of you, thanks for the stories and comments.  Have a wonderful and prosperous new year.

Why the Zune Music Pass Needs to Come to iOS and Android

At times, the tech world can be amazing, innovative and inspiring; other times, though, it can be quite infuriating (e.g. patent wars, discontinuation of support, etc.). However, one of the trends in the tech world I simply cannot stand is when a company refuses to share a service with other tech companies. One case in particular is Microsoft’s lack of interest in making it’s Zune Music Pass service available to non-Microsoft devices.
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Rage: Actually I think “Rage” is too strong of a word.


Released in October 2011, Rage is the newest first-person shooter from genre innovators id Software.  With such iconic franchises as Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake, id spent over a decade defining and refining the FPS from the ground up.  And in 2004, after 12 years of killing demons, Nazis, and Nazi super-demons, fans were excited to learn that id had something entirely new in the works.  By 2011, the Internet buzz concerning Rage was almost entirely optimistic-and really, who wouldn’t be?  Seven years in the making by a proven developer, a shiny new engine, id’s trademark array of fun weaponry, a wide-open apocalyptic desert to explore…things were definitely looking up.

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Masters of the Universe Classics: Swiftwind and Bubble Power She-Ra (She-Ra 2.0) Review

Swiftwind + Bubble Power She-Ra in box

Last year when the regular MOTUC She-Ra was released, fans were concerned about how restrictive her skirt was. How would she fit on Swiftwind when he was released? We were told not to worry, she will be able to. Later, when Swiftwind was being worked on, we were told that while she will be able ride him, she can’t as well they wanted. So there would be a “She-Ra 2.0” with improved articulation sold the same month as Swiftwind, whose new body parts would be reused in future female figures. This She-Ra 2.0 became Bubble Power She-Ra.

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The Secret Diaries of Dr. Victor Drankenstein Ch. 16: I guess you say it like “Taboo”?


I’ve been doing these columns for a while now, and it’s becoming clear that the malt liquor industry is having a tough time keeping up with me.  It’s getting really difficult to find new drinks on the shelf, especially when nearly every brand shares so many flavors.  Even with my discerning hobo palate, my review for Watermelon Joose is going to look a lot like one for Watermelon Four Loko.  And even if there were new flavors, the fact that every can in these coolers looks like the lovechild of the Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan and an MMA merchandiser isn’t helping.  It all blends together after a while, you know?  So imagine my surprise when a weekly stop at my favorite corner store, The Rooster (on Detroit in Lakewood a few blocks from the Cleveland border), produced this little beauty.  TauBu Midnite Berry: the can is pretty artfully designed, I’ve never heard of the brand, and the flavor holds at least some small promise of a surprise.  It’s a perfect trifecta.  So with that said, let’s get down to bidness.

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If you’d just take a moment to listen

Good ol’ reddit.  I’ve been hitting up reddit for about a year or so now with some large frequency, and just last night stumbled upon this little video.  For any of you who have seen it before, get over it, for those who haven’t, enjoy.


Its a clip from a movie nearly seventy years old by now and yet it still rings true.  Its Charlie Chaplin giving a speech that has many resonances with today and the things going on around us.  So just take a listen, sit back, and think about what he says.  Its stuff like this internet …




Masters of the Universe Classics: Snout Spout Review

Snout Spout carded

One thing Masters of the Universe is known for is all the varied, wacky designs that coexist in the same line. You’ve got a blond barbarian, a guy with a wheel in his chest, a bee man, a cyborg cowboy, a winged ape-man with a jetpack, etc. One of the silliest has to be Snout Spout. He’s a fireman with a robotic elephant head that shoots water. Hard to top that.

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