Masters of the Universe Classics: Snout Spout Review

Snout Spout carded

One thing Masters of the Universe is known for is all the varied, wacky designs that coexist in the same line. You’ve got a blond barbarian, a guy with a wheel in his chest, a bee man, a cyborg cowboy, a winged ape-man with a jetpack, etc. One of the silliest has to be Snout Spout. He’s a fireman with a robotic elephant head that shoots water. Hard to top that.

Snout Spout cardback
Snout Spout was one of the later releases of the vintage MOTU line, and not one that I remember seeing in stores. Luckily, I found one for 25 cents at a garage sale this past summer. His action feature was squirting water from his trunk. You’d fill it through a hole in his backpack and activate it with a button on that backpack. His weapon was a fireman’s axe, which could also be used to aim his trunk. As a later release, he was a completely new sculpt, instead of sharing parts with other figures.
Vintage comparison - front
This new figure faithfully reproduces the design of the original, while increasing the articulation and detail level to MOTUC standards. Some smaller details are painted on his armor, as well as every rivet on his head, and his muscles are shaded. The design may be a bit too faithful though. Even with the fantastic work the Four Horsemen do to update these figures, there’s only so much you can do with a goofy metal elephant head.
Vintage comparison - back
Snout Spout uses the standard MOTUC torso, legs and arms, with all new boots, gloves and pelvis. His pelvis piece is made of an extremely soft, flexible material. While the original’s armor was part of the sculpt and the backpack permanently attached, they are removable on this figure. A non-functional button and cap are sculpted onto the backpack as a reference to the original figure’s action feature. The backpack clips onto the armor in way we haven’t seen on previous figures and I have a *really* hard time getting it to clip on properly. I also scraped a bunch of paint off the clips in the process. It’s unfortunate that the backpack is painted red instead of actually being cast in red plastic.
Snout Spout vs. Hordak
The head is also kind of hard to get on and off. This is probably because his neck peg is slightly larger than most. This may be by design, since it’s on tight enough to allow you to pose the overly large and heavy head without gravity weighing it down. As a result though, I can’t pop on another head (to give him a pre-elephant-transformation form) without fear of warping it.
Like the original figure, Snout Spout comes with the fireman’s axe that doubles as a trunk stand. He also has a brand new weapon, an articulated Jaws of Life that resembles an elephant’s head. This is one of my favorite weapons in the line.

Jaws of Life

Snout Spout has all the standard articulation for MOTUC, with ankle, knee, boot, wrist, elbow, bicep, waist and ab joints, double-jointed shoulders, triple-jointed hips, and a ball-jointed head. Thanks to the rubbery pelvis piece, the legs have a huge range of movement, probably the best in the line. The trunk is flexible and has a wire inside to allow you to pose it, and the ears can even move just a bit. Just like the neck, the rest of the joints are really tight. I hope this is a sign for how all figures will be from now on.
Axe as trunk stand
2011 subscribers were supposed to receive a sticker sheet with Snout Spout. I am not a 2011 subscriber, but I got one anyway. *shrug*
Faction sticker sheet
This is an excellent update of the vintage figure and I really like the color scheme. The head is just a bit hard to take seriously. How much you like it will depend on how much you enjoy the goofy aspect of MOTU.


Snout Spout was the monthly figure for November, so you’ll have to check places like, or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th. I believe the lineup for December will be:
Skeletor (reissue)
Battleground Evil-Lyn
Wind Raider

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  1. No lie or exaggeration. This was one of my favorite figures from the days when I still had them all. I used to love filling his back pack with water and blasting Skeletor and his minions with it in some epic sweeping battle I’d conjured up. Love these man, keep up the great work!

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