Masters of the Universe Classics: Swiftwind and Bubble Power She-Ra (She-Ra 2.0) Review

Swiftwind + Bubble Power She-Ra in box

Last year when the regular MOTUC She-Ra was released, fans were concerned about how restrictive her skirt was. How would she fit on Swiftwind when he was released? We were told not to worry, she will be able to. Later, when Swiftwind was being worked on, we were told that while she will be able ride him, she can’t as well they wanted. So there would be a “She-Ra 2.0” with improved articulation sold the same month as Swiftwind, whose new body parts would be reused in future female figures. This She-Ra 2.0 became Bubble Power She-Ra.

Swiftwind + Bubble Power She-Ra cardback
Now even though I watched the She-Ra cartoon as a child (it was essentially another season of He-Man after all), I didn’t get any of the toys beyond She-Ra herself. They just didn’t look anything like the show. These days the toys are surprisingly difficult to come by, let alone with the accessories included. I’ve only ever found a handful myself. So anyway, I’m not really familiar with the vintage Swiftwind toys, and I’d never even heard of Bubble Power She-Ra.

She-Ra comparison

From the left: Adora, regular She-Ra (toy head), Bubble Power She-Ra

So the first MOTUC She-Ra had a couple of issues.
1. The skirt was really stiff and restricting, making the legs practically immobile.
2. Like previous female figures, there’s no waist articulation because of the one-piece outfit.
3. Personally I thought something didn’t look quite right about the dress and her proportions, sort of like she’s an adult wearing a child’s dress.
4. The head modeled after the vintage toy had a big hole in the forehead where the tiara pegged in (since it could be displayed 2 ways).
5. Some thought the wrist armor looked too plain compared to other MOTUC figures, since the design was based more on the simplified Filmation style rather than the toy.

She-Ra on Swiftwind

No look, she fits fine.

This new She-Ra body addresses these issues.
1. The new skirt is a softer material and has slits in the sides, allowing a LOT more leg movement.
2. The new dress is in 2 pieces, allowing proper waist articulation.
3. Inside, the new buck is slimmer, so the proportions look a little better.
4. The new head does not have a hole in it, as the new tiara clips onto the sides. However, it only fits on one way. The tiara design is also a lot more accurate to the original toy.
5. The new wrist armor has a design sculpted onto it, with a blue jewel painted on.
Additionally, the new dress is such a bright white that it makes the old one look gray in comparison. Besides all this, and new boots styled after the vintage BP She-Ra, she uses the same body parts (upper arms and legs, hands) as the first MOTUC She-Ra.

She-Ra forehead hole
Bubble Power She-Ra comes with armor based on the vintage BP She-Ra, the tiara based on the original toy, and the same cape as the regular MOTUC She-Ra but gold and made of a softer material. She has a sword with a star-shaped jewel like the vintage BP She-Ra, the same shield as the regular MOTUC She-Ra but with a pink jewel instead of blue and a lighter paint job, and the same axe / comb as regular She-Ra in a slightly lighter color. She also comes with the bubble blower weapon the vintage BP She-Ra had. I assume it would work as a real bubble blower, but I haven’t tried it.

Bubble Power She-Ra accessories
BP She-Ra has most of the standard articulation for a MOTUC female, with ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, and bicep joints, double-jointed shoulders, triple-jointed hips, and a ball-jointed head. She’s the second female to have proper waist articulation, and the new dress allows her the most hip movement of any female in the line, except maybe Queen Marlena in her Captain Glenn outfit. The one place she’s lacking is the boots, which don’t seem to rotate like most figures.

She-Ra head/gear swap

Left: New body w/ Filmation head; Right: Old body w/ Bubble Power equips

The idea behind the figure is that you can mix and match parts to build your perfect She-Ra. What I will do, and what I believe most fans are likely to do, is display the new 2.0 body with the Filmation style head and red cape from the first She-Ra, and the 2-toned gray sword from the second weapons pack. Of course then you can put the Bubble Power gear on the old body to display that. It’s still disappointing that no Filmation head or red cape were included, as the original She-Ra hasn’t been rereleased lately. Though there is a Toys R Us exclusive DCUC vs. MOTUC 2-pack of Supergirl and She-Ra with the right parts (even the gray sword), if you can find it. For me personally, it would’ve been nice to have another Filmation head since the paint on mine has come off in a few spots, and as I noticed when writing this review, it’s a little crooked.

She-Ra 2.0 riding Swiftwind

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing

She-Ra’s ride is Swiftwind, as Battlecat is to He-Man and Panthor to Skeletor. During the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, fans were asked whether he should be decoed as the white “Royal” Swiftwind toy, or the regular pink one. The Filmation cartoon rights were not available at the time, so that deco was not an option. White won the poll, I’m sure because it was closest to the Filmation version. Mattel later realized that they *could* do the Filmation deco, so they did just that. Besides the obvious paint on the wings, mask, collar, mane, tail and hooves, there is light shading on the muscles.

Bubble Power She-Ra on Swiftwind

Swiftwind is a 100% new sculpt. No doubt Mattel will find more use for the tooling, as there were about 3 other horses in the Princess of Power toyline, and Teela had one in the comics. The wings are already being used for a Griffon next year. Swiftwind’s alter ego Spirit is a possibility too, but see more about that below.

Swiftwind side view

I used to wonder what friendship could be…

The saddle is removable, as well as the mask and horn. The mask/horn is held on by a magnet, which seems like a really good idea, because if you drop it on the floor, the mask is likely to pop off instead of the horn just breaking off. (Yes, it happened to me once.) The wings come in the box unattached, and at least on mine, while the left one tends to pop out if you move it too much, the right one doesn’t seem like it will come back out without breaking it. The collar, though, is not removable. This seems like a wasted opportunity. If the collar could come off and there were plugs for the wing holes and another mask this could easily double as a Spirit toy.

Spirit and Adora

For articulation, the neck and head can move down, but not turn side to side, each leg can bend in 3 places, and the wings and tail are double-jointed. The tail also helps keep balance if you want to put him in a rearing pose. Though it can be tricky to get him to stand at all because of how close together the hooves are.

Swiftwind rearing
Most figures can ride Swifty with no problem. Some will have trouble if they have capes or long skirts, like He-Ro or The Faceless One. So the regular She-Ra is one of the very few MOTUC figures that can’t. I should note that while most figures will fit just fine, there’s nothing really to hold them there, so they can fall off easily.

Something to watch out for, a number of people have received their Swiftwind misassembled with 2 right legs, 2 left legs, or similar problems. Luckily all of the legs on mine seem to be fine.

Swiftwind beast comparison
So it’s unfortunate that a She-Ra 2.0 was necessary in the first place, and “Bubble Power She-Ra” is one variant I probably would’ve passed on under other circumstances. The result is a good, though ultimately expensive, She-Ra that can ride her steed. Plus we got a more toy accurate tiara out of the deal. Maybe it will show up in a future weapons pack in the original colors.  Swiftwind is great though (if you get one with all its parts in the right place), straight out of the cartoon.

The Great Rebellion: She-Ra, Bow, Swiftwind
Bubble Power She-Ra and Swiftwind were sold in November, so you’ll have to check places like, or eBay to get them now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th. The lineup for December is supposed to be:
Demo-Man – An early design for Skeletor.
Skeletor (reissue) – To make use of a bonus head included with Demo-Man.
Battleground Evil-Lyn – Evil-Lyn in 200X colors and more.
Wind Raider – MOTUC’s first vehicle.

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