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Tips to Help Combat Piracy

So all this madness with businesses trying to put the lock down on my interwebs needs to stop. SOPA, PIPA, and across the pond they’ve got ACTA are all the beginning of what could be a very slippery slope into full on Orwellian dystopia. I get the spirit of it all, they want people to stop just stealing their stuff. That’s fine, I agree. If I wrote something worth selling and people just stole it and handed it around I’d be sad. Also I would continue to be super poor. Both things I’d like to avoid. So, I’d like to help. Hollywood, here are some suggestions I have for you to help you combat piracy and get people back in the theater watching movies.

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Thundercats Classic: 6″ Lion-O and Mumm-Ra Review

Thundercats Classic

Last year when I heard there would be a new Thundercats cartoon and toys after over 20 years, I was ecstatic. There would be figures based on the new cartoon in 4″ and 6″ sizes, role-play toys, and, best of all, figures based on the original 1985 cartoon. Called Thundercats Classic, these 8″ figures feature cartoon-accurate designs and modern articulation. Two were released: Lion-O and Tygra. Overall I thought they were great, but they had a couple of minor issues. I suppose Bandai listened to fan demand, or just wanted to save money on plastic, as they dropped the line in favor of a 6″ line that addresses some of those issues, but brings in a few more. The first two 6″ figures are Lion-O and Mumm-Ra.

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Video Game Backlog Attack: Dark Void


In my ongoing quest to reduce my video game backlog, I have established a few guidelines.  One such guideline is that for every “Triple-A”, must-play title, I will play one of the many games that I purchased simply because they were incredibly cheap.  Most games are released and reviewed with a $60 price tag, so I feel that those review scores start to lose some meaning when a title hits the same price point as a Baconator combo.  Even better when it’s a game I was actually looking forward to at launch, like Dark Void.

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The Social Butterfly Effect

Today I canceled my subscription to Star Wars The Old Republic. I’m a bit bummed by this news, I love the game and so far I’ve had a blast playing it. The time, however, was nigh to prepare myself to walk away. If I change my mind I still have 24 days to renew before my current time runs out. The question you’re all wondering, I’m sure, is why quit playing a game you enjoy playing? Well, the answer and a quick dip into what makes the second M in MMO so important to me after the break.

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Video Game Backlog Attack: Bayonetta

I have something of a problem with video game pile-up, and have for years.  Dozens of unplayed video games inhabit my shelves, easily spanning twenty or more consoles.  Increasingly rapid price drops, along with what I consider to be a rise in the overall quality of games, have amplified this issue to a whole new level.  My Xbox 360 library alone is a task of Sisyphean proportions, sporting nearly 40 titles that have never seen the disc tray.  This year, that’s all gonna change.  First up: Bayonetta.

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Player Two Has Entered the Game


This time its a quick one!  A heads up and a quick promo for a friend of ANO.  Our good friend, Superplayertwo,  has his own live stream channel over at TwitchTV, where he streams games in HD (720 of them p and everything!), talks with people in the attached chat room, and shows off some of the most rad games out there.  Lately he’s been streaming the Diablo 3 beta and fielding as many questions as he can for anyone with a mind to ask.  More info after the break.

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Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Yes, I realize I haven’t posted in a good long while.  Yes I regret it.  But please we are not gathered here today to berate me or to point out my shortcomings (of which there are MANY I assure you) today we gather on the eve of an auspicious time.  Our very beloved and free internet hangs by a thread, all could go to ruin.  Don’t let it happen.  We have the power and the chance to let our representatives know we do not support this, we do not want this, we will not stand for this.  SOPA and PIPA are terrible bits of legislation that must not make it into law.  Tell them to stop supporting their pocket books!  Need more info?  How about some links?

Be informed!  Let your state reps know how you feel!  I did.  Twice.