Masters of the Universe Classics: Star Sisters Review

Star Sisters in box

The Star Sisters would have been the last figures released in the Princess of Power line. Finished figures were shown in a 1987 toy catalog, an issue of the She-Ra magazine featured the characters and included a poster, and they had a very brief appearance on one episode of the She-Ra cartoon series. However, the line ended and the Star Sisters were never produced. This was enough for them to gain a small fan following. Now MOTUC has a history of delivering obscure characters or designs that have never had a figure before, so it seems like a perfect fit. Let’s see how they turned out.

Star Sisters back of the box
The Star Sisters could be the most controversial release in the MOTUC line. At every step they disappointed one segment of the fan base or another, from the original cancellation to design choices that couldn’t please everyone, and a schedule change that may have strained some budgets. For me, it was when Mattel had just roped me into the MOTUC subscription for the first time, and along with it announced the most expensive item in the line to date would be these 3 characters I was completely unfamiliar with. Well, now that I have them I do like them… at least 2 of them anyway.

Star Sisters and Glorybird

Starla is the leader of the group and my favorite, visually at least. Her design seems to fit right in with the rest of PoP, the face sculpt looks great, and I like the bright primary colors of her outfit. She features the new female buck with articulated waist, new boots that lack the usual twist articulation, and Battleground Teela’s thighs. I’m not sure what the point of that thigh piece is. Reduced articulation just so she looks better in upskirt shots? Hmph.

Jewelstar is the weakest design in my opinion. The face looks more like a Star Mom than a sister, or maybe it’s just the big head crystals. She looks younger from the side at least, when you can see the big, gravity-defying, used bubblegum pink ponytail. The original toy was supposed to fold up into a jewel, similar to but not quite as well as Rokkon and Stonedar, but this figure doesn’t.

JewelstarMost of her body is a sparkly pink, with transparent pink crystals on her head, knees, forearms, and as two “Wings” on her back. (For whatever reason it pleases me that her forearms resemble cheap toy jewelry.) Attached to the “wings” is a translucent cape with a sort of oily paint job which is my favorite part of the figure. She also has the waist-articulated 2.0 buck and the BG Teela thighs, and no boot twist. Fitting her crystal theme, her torso and pelvis are sort of sharp and angular. Mine unfortunately has a lot of paint slopped on her head and back crystals, not sure if this is a common problem or not.

Aside from looking like the 1980s threw up on her, Tallstar is a pretty cool figure. She actually has an action feature, and it reminds me of one of my favorites: Modulok. While the original toy was supposed to stretch with accordian-like segments, the new figure accomplishes this by including extension pieces that can be snapped into the arms, legs and neck. This is probably how Mekaneck and hopefully Modulock will function whenever they get made, and it would be great if they used the same plugs. Because of this feature and her unique clothes, she’s almost entirely new parts, and features a boot twist unlike her sisters. All the extension pieces use the same plug, so you can swap them around to make an extra long neck or one long arm. The plugs are also close enough to be compatible with Hurricane Hordak, Roboto, and Trap Jaw’s attachments. If you feel like playing mad scientist and swapping limbs around, the arms and legs have opposite plug orientation and can’t be swapped, but you can swap a boot with the head. I’d also like to see what sort of nightmarish creations you could come up with by joining two or more of these figures together.

More Tallstar options

Puh puh puh puh puh puh power!

Tallstar has her share of problems though. Even though she’s probably the best thing about this set and you don’t get many other accessories, you still only get one set of extensions. Without getting creative with part swapping, she isn’t too much taller than a normal figure. There’s no stomach extension, which is too bad since stretching out to rescue some Twiggets is the most interesting thing any of the sisters ever did. This was done to avoid having stiff or nonexistent waist articulation like King Hsss, but I don’t think it was worth it. She also has the BG Teela style thighs, which is too bad since she could benefit the most from more leg articulation. Most notable though is the pelvis piece, which ended up longer than the prototype shown at the San Diego Comic Con, and looks strange and diaperish. Jewelstar has the same problem but it doesn’t stand out as much, and Starla avoids it by having a skirt.

Tallstar's weird crotch

For accessories, each sister has a glitter-covered star staff. Also included is Glorybird, which is the fifth use of the same bird mold, after Zoar and Screeech, as well as a green one included with DCUC Beast Boy and a bald eagle included with the DCUC Wonder Twins, and another version of Zoar will be coming with the Sorceress in February. I love this part reuse, since the original Glory Bird was a reuse of the same bird body as Zoar and Screeech, which originally came from Mattel’s 1970s Big Jim toyline. Glorybird has a removable poofy mohawk and a stand based on the one that would’ve come with the original.
MOTUC birds

The Star Sisters were sold in January 2012, so you’ll have to check places like, or eBay to get them now. There’s probably a lot of people who got them with their subscriptions that didn’t want them, so you may be able to get a deal. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th. I believe the lineup for February will be:
Fearless Photog (30th Anniversary figure)
Beast Man (reissue)
Stratos (reissue)

Also, certain important figures are available year round now:
Battle Cat

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