Masters of the Universe Classics: Fearless Photog Review

Front of box

2012 marks the 30th anniversary of Masters of the Universe. To celebrate, Mattel is producing a MOTU Classics 30th Anniversary sub-line. The line consists of six new characters, two designed by Mattel employees, one by the Four Horsemen, one by DC Comics’ Geoff Johns, and the last will be the winner of the Create a Character contest. The first, though, is the winner of the 1980s Create-A-Character contest, Fearless Photog. Designed by Nathan Bitner, the camera-themed Photog was shown in the He-Man magazine, but was not actually produced in the vintage line as planned, so this is his first figure.

Back of box
Photog’s design is very close to the original artwork, with the usual increase in detail for MOTUC. The head is a video camera painted a light metallic blue, with dark blue rivets. The camera’s lens can be extended and consists of a translucent lens with a silver frame. The belt is covered in film reels painted in the same metallic blue, with silver and black details. The chest has a sort of window to view the silhouettes of defeated enemies. This is achieved with a lenticular sticker. Arms and legs feature a striking paint job, split down the middle between black and yellow. (The yellow is much brighter than it looks in my photos.) Because of this, the yellow pins for the knee and elbow joints stand out pretty badly on the black side.

Create-A-Character Contest

Besides the new head, torso and pelvis pieces, Photog uses the standard upper arms and Hordak gloves, standard thighs, Icarius‘ feet and Demo-Man’s bootless shins, as well as the standard ab piece. Articulation is typical for a male MOTUC figure, except he lacks a boot twist because of those bare shins, and the addition of that extending lens. The pelvis piece is very flexible and doesn’t interfere with leg movement.
Photog front and back
For accessories, Photog includes the shield from the original design and a brand new camera gun. The Matty site calls it a lens shield, but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to look like a flash bulb, right? The shield has a silver frame and a clear, ridged front with yellow behind it. The gun is really neat, with details of a gun (muzzle brake, clip) mixed together with movie camera details (film reels, crank). It has a lot of paint apps and five different colors.

Photog with gun
It’s great that we finally have this character that never made it to stores in the 80s. He has that goofy MOTU charm, similar to Snout Spout, and a pair of action features that don’t interfere with posability. Now that I have him in hand, I really like him. Something to watch out for: Some people are receiving figures with cracked lenses.
Photog with shield
Fearless Photog was sold in February 2012, so you’ll have to check places like Amazon, BigBadToyStore or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th. I believe the lineup for March will be:
Kobra Kahn
Webstor (reissue)
Clawful (reissue)
Buzz Off (reissue)

Available year round:
Battle Cat

Also from March 1-20 a number of items are on sale 10-30% off, so now is a good time to catch up on older figures.

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