Masters of the Universe Classics: Sorceress Review

Sorceress with staff

The original Sorceress figure has the distinction of being the only toy from my childhood that I remember wanting but could not find in stores. (Though this would become a disappointingly common problem after I started collecting toys again as an adult.) The Sorceress was, after all, one of the most important characters in the Filmation cartoon, and for a while the only toy we had to represent her was the falcon, Zoar. She did eventually get a proper figure, which I learned of on the back of another figure’s package, but I just never found her. A quarter century of flea market visits haven’t turned up a used one either. Her 2002 appearance didn’t receive an action figure, only a “staction”, and I never got into those. So the Classics version is my first ever Sorceress toy. Was it worth the wait?

Sorceress cardback
The original minicomics had a Sorceress that gave He-Man his powers. She was green and looked like Teela in her snake armor. She was later called the Goddess and has already received a Classics figure. When the Filmation cartoon was created she was redesigned into the more well known bird-themed character. This new figure takes its design from Filmation, but a couple of things are different. First, the blue seems a lot darker than her original appearance (though not as dark as it looks in my photos, sorry), no big deal there. Second, the inside of her wings should be completely orange instead of having blue tips like the outside. Part of me thinks the blue looks good, breaking up what would be a solid wall of orange. Another part wishes she really did look like the cartoon instead of just almost.

Goddess, Sorceress, Teela
For parts, Sorceress has a new torso and dress, new boots, new forearms with sleeves that hang over her wrists, a new head, and new shoulders her wings attach to. She also has those BG Teela thighs and hips that don’t look quite right, similar to the Star Sisters.

Only 3 others know this secret
Sorceress has all the articulation points you can expect from the female MOTUC figures these days. There’s double-jointed ankles and hips, knee joints, boot cuts, waist twist, wrist joints, elbow joints, bicep joints, double-jointed shoulders, and a ball joint neck. The neck articulation is severely hindered by the relatively stiff feathered headdress. The head won’t bend back at all, and if you bend it forward it won’t stay there. You can turn it left and right, but the feathers will put up a fight, and she’ll always be looking down if you do.

Sorceress' weird wings
The wings are each three pieces, plus a “tail” piece that hangs down her back. They fold down behind her back when her arms are down, and spread out when they’re up. She can do the classic spread wings pose from the cartoon, but most other poses don’t work. The wings don’t really restrict her arms much, they just look terrible when you move the arms out of that arc between “wings up” and “wings down”. There’s also the big, ugly drums attaching the wings to the shoulders. There had to be some better way to deal with the wings, like the soft plastic used on Shadow Weaver’s cloak. On the other hand, she’s AT LEAST as good as the vintage figure, which just had the option of the wings being spread out or folded down. She just should’ve been better.

Sorceress' weird wings again
For accessories, she has the same staff as the vintage figure, and her falcon form, Zoar. The staff is a pearly white color, while the original was just plain white, I think? I don’t remember her ever having this staff in the cartoon, but 200X Sorceress had a staff that seems to have been modeled after it. Zoar is the same bird released several times before, but now with the cartoon and vintage toy deco, except, like the Sorceress, the underside of the wings have blue on them. Zoar also comes with the red armor and stand (like the vintage toy and Screeech), which was not included with the Zoar that previously came with Teela.

Sorceress with staff and Zoar
So, the Sorceress has her share of flaws, maybe more than her share, but it’s easy to look past them. She’s still a great looking figure, and one I’ve wanted for over 25 years. I wish she could’ve been a little better, but I’m happy enough with what we’ve got.

Sorceress and Zoar back
Sorceress was sold in February 2012, so you’ll have to check places like Amazon, BigBadToyStore or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th. I believe the lineup for March will be:
Kobra Kahn
Webstor (reissue)
Clawful (reissue)
Buzz Off (reissue)

Available year round:
Battle Cat

Also from March 1-20 a number of items are on sale 10-30% off, so now is a good time to catch up on older figures.

Sorceress carded and white mailer

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  1. I have an original sorceress figure from the 1980s mint on European card I’m willing to sell. Contact for details!

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