The Preorder Curse Strikes Again. Thanks, Newegg!

You may remember my article regarding preorders from a while back.  This one, in which I detail caving on my no-preorder stance only to have GameStop sell my copy before I could even pick it up on release day.  So I thought next time around I’d be smart about it.  Online preorders seemed like a pretty good idea, often offering discounted prices and release date delivery.  When it came time to preorder my copy of Mass Effect 3, easily my most anticipated game of the entire year, I went with  I filled out my order around a month ago, and began the waiting game.

The first round of disappointment came when they shipped my order on release day, and sent it UPS.  Okay, I thought.  I’d get it a day or two late.  I’d also have to set up a stakeout to catch the delivery, because the UPS driver here practices Ninjitsu, the art of invisibility.  He also hates delivering packages, preferring to deliver slips of  paper letting me know I can drive to pick up my package at their hub the next day.  So today finally arrived.  My precious cargo was out for delivery.  Six or seven hours into the stakeout, it finally arrived.  Eager beyond belief for what is sure to be an amazing game, I tore open the package in the hallway on my way back to the apartment.

This scene wasn't in any of the trailers!

Letting loose the sigh of the truly defeated, I found the customer service number at the bottom of the invoice.  After the inevitable holding pattern, I gave the CSR my order number.  She replied “Oh okay…you got Madden 3 instead of Mass Effect 3 right?  How can we help you?”.  Unable to even process all the things wrong with that (how did she know?), I simply asked for a refund.  I was told they’d email me a UPS shipping label, which I have a hard time believing is of the premium 3-day variety.  Then I was told that they’ll process my refund whenever the returned item gets back to them.  Then of course however long the bank takes to give me back the money.  GameStop, to their credit, did contact me after my bad experience there and smoothed things over in an extremely respectable way.  So far, however, newegg is taking the “Yeah that’ll happen” approach on this matter.  You have to get up pretty early in the morning to devise a worse customer service strategy than GameStop.

In closing, I am super glad I preordered with newegg.  How else would I be able to play my most anticipated game of the year a mere ten days after it hits retail?

UPDATE:  I have received an email from newegg saying that customer service would be calling me to arrange an overnight delivery of the replacement game.  However, I could expect this call in TWO to THREE days.  I feel like they’re missing the point here.


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