Masters of the Universe Classics: Shadow Weaver Review

Shadow Weaver in box

The two previous subscription exclusive figures in MOTUC were variants of He-Man. 2010 was Wun-Dar, based on the obscure “Wonder Bread He-Man”, believed to be a mail-away figure. 2011 was Preternia Disguise He-Man, based on his appearance in one of the minicomics. Both were fine as a bonus, but they were nothing you’d be terribly unhappy about missing if you didn’t feel like getting the subscription. So when it was announced that 2012’s exclusive would be Shadow Weaver, Hordak’s second in command in the Filmation She-Ra cartoon, appearing in most episodes (as well as the opening credits) yet never receiving a figure before, fans were understandably upset. So it’s thanks to Shadow Weaver that I’m a subscriber for the first time this year, committed to a year’s worth of figures without knowing ahead of time what more than half of them would be. I am Mattel’s bitch.

Shadow Weaver cardback
As the first MOTUC figure to take advantage of Mattel getting the license to Filmation material, Shadow Weaver’s design is straight out of the cartoon. She is an almost entirely brand new sculpt, with only the shoulders and the left hand being reused. That left hand is the open, spell-casting hand previously seen on Battleground Evil-Lyn and originating as Catra’s scratching hand. The head features a shadowy black face with yellow eyes under the hood. The cloak is pretty great looking, with long sleeves hanging down, lots of wrinkles sculpted in, the brighter red Horde symbol belt, and a very flexible cape sort of thing attached to her back and both arms. The cape has a horizontal seem on the inside that shows up as sort of a groove on the outside. It’s not too noticeable, but it’s there. Her lower body is just two pieces, with her cloak billowing out a bit at the bottom. The cloak’s color was meant to closely match Orko’s, but it may have been wasted effort, since the nice shading painted all over has made it darker. (It’s a lighter shade of red in the cartoon anyway.)


Back view

Her top half has all the usual articulation, with double-jointed shoulders, ball-jointed neck, as well as points of articulation for the wrists, elbows, biceps and waist. The cape restricts the arm movement a little, but not really as much as you’d think. The cape does stick out behind her if you pose both her arms at her sides. The hood also gets in the way of her head movement a little. It can be turned side to side, with some effort, but there isn’t much up and down range. Her lower half has just one point at the hips, allowing her to bow forward to about 45 degrees.

Hands down, cape up


“Ooh, a penny!”

Her accessories include a magic wand and book of spells from different episodes of the cartoon, and a stand. The stand is clear and allows her to “hover” above the ground as she does on the series. It just plugs in, with no ball joint to allow extra posing as with Orko for example. The book is covered in sculpted details and paint aps, and looks just as it did on the show. It can be held in her left hand. The wand features a cool translucent crystal ball and can be held in the right hand.


Shadow Weaver's stuff
For extra fun, the skin tone of the hands isn’t too far off from Battleground Evil-Lyn, so you can pop her heads onto this body and make some sort of a Horde sorceress Evil-Lyn.

Horde Evil-Lyn
Also shipped with Shadow Weaver is the map of Preternia. This is a 30″ x 20″ poster showing the world of Eternia’s past, setting of the aborted Powers of Grayskull toyline from the 80s. It depicts a number of MOTU landmarks, with the most prominent being the three towers of the 1980s Eternia playset, and characters such as Megator and Granamyr. The map even has its own bio, like the figures do.

The Evil Horde

We need a Mantenna so hard right now. Wait… that sounds sort of wrong.

Controlling Adora
So overall this is a really cool figure with not much to complain about, depicting a character that’s been in need of a figure for decades. Unfortunately, as a sub exclusive, and because of lower sales this year – the least produced sub exclusive, she’s really pricey. If you want one, try eBay or Amazon, but BigBadToyStore seems to already be sold out.

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