Masters of the Universe Classics: Kobra Khan Review

Kobra Khan in box

The Four Horsemen always do a great job of translating a classic figure into a modern design, but sometimes they really hit it out of the park. I feel like Kobra Khan is one those times. Another figure I loved as a kid, Khan was a snake man before “The Snake Men” was its own faction. This Classics figure just looks so great; it has quickly become one of my favorites.


Wait… wrong picture.

Like most figures in the Classics line, Kobra Khan’s design is primarily vintage-inspired, but everything is improved. Looking at it now, the vintage Kobra Khan’s head was sort of rounded and dopey looking, but this new one is more snake-like, with more visible scales, and has fangs. Similar to Leech, there’s a little hole in Khan’s mouth as a reference to the vintage figure’s water-squirting action feature. He also has a second head with an open cobra hood, like his appearance on the Filmation cartoon and the 200X toy. The open-hooded head has the same… er, head as the regular one, just with a hood.

Kobra Khan with gun

Kobra Khan back
The torso on the vintage Kobra Khan figure was pretty bulky in order to house his action feature. Classics Khan has a newly sculpted torso piece that’s the same size as most figures in Classics, but with Khan’s distinctive scale patterns. The paint job really makes the details pop out. I’m glad they didn’t go with a glued on armor-like piece as with Whiplash and Buzz-Off, because this looks perfect. The pelvis piece is the best one yet. It’s flexible, doesn’t look like a diaper, and it still almost connects at the bottom. It also has some new sculpted details on the belt and just looks right. Also new are his boots/shin guards, which feature a scaly look. Otherwise, Khan has the standard upper arms and thighs, Whiplash’s spiny forearms, and Skeletor’s feet and hands, including the infrequently used first issue Skeletor’s open left hand.

Kobra Khan, open hood
All the usual articulation points are here: rocking ball-jointed head, double-jointed shoulders, triple-jointed hips, ankle joints and rocker ankles, and joints for the boots, knees, biceps, elbows, wrists, abs, and waist. The figures have been having tighter and tighter joints over the past several months, and Khan’s elbows are the tightest yet, clicking into place as you move them. They’re actually so tight you might have trouble getting them to bend all the way, at least without warping the plastic. I eventually got mine to work without problems, but others might not have the same luck. Now the opposite problem, both of the ankles on mine were loose, causing him to topple over occasionally. I thought this was a problem they’d solved. The pelvis, as I mentioned above, is quite flexible, allowing him pretty much the most unrestricted leg movement of any figure in the line, without it stretching out much and looking weird. For neck movement, he can turn his regular head from side to side with no problems, but up and down movement is restricted. The hooded head can only turn a little to each side though.

Kobra Khan's accessories
For accessories, Kobra Khan has his gun, a little lizard friend, and the two heads. The vintage figure had the same gun as Zodac, but this one is a new sculpt, still based on the same vintage gun, but with a design resembling a cobra’s hood. Very nice touch. One annoyance, though, is that he has has a pretty loose grip on it. His pet lizard comes from the 200X/MYP series, but I really don’t remember it. It doesn’t peg in anywhere, you just rest it on Khan’s shoulder or wherever you can balance it. It falls off quite easily, but I suppose that’s better than having some random peg or hole on Khan.

Kobra Khan and Zodac


I really like the look of this figure, and I think he’s one of the best updates yet of a vintage character. It’s also one of the more effective uses of multiple heads. Apparently all the issues with loose joints haven’t quite been ironed out yet though.

Lyn, Hsss, Khan
Kobra Khan was sold in March, so you’ll have to check places like, or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th.

Kobra Khan cardback

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  1. I’d feel pretty comfortable calling that a beautiful action figure. Looks absolutely perfect. Kobra Khan was always one of my favorites, as were all the Snake Men. Now I’m sad I will never own this, but I thoroughly enjoyed your review of it!

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