Love Letter to MCA

My musical tastes have managed to remain anything but static over the years, I’ve gladly (and happily at times) listened to new stuff and tried to give just about everything a fair try.  A few particulars I’ve heard over my long love of music have managed to stick with me from the minute I heard them until time comes I can’t hear it anymore.  Today saw the passing of one of these people I really never thought I’d have to imagine a world without; MCA of the Beastie Boys died today after a long battle with cancer.  I just want to take a minute to put down some words for not only him but the group about how much I’ve enjoyed their music since the first time I saw the video for “You Have to Fight For Your Right” years ago.  I remember distinctly the first time I saw it; this was when rap was something I hadn’t really much paid any interest in, but here I was suddenly captivated by the images I was seeing.  The video was just this long entertaining exposition about how sometimes you have to make sure you don’t let the world fence you in; you have to fight to make sure you retain your own identity.  The world got a little darker today, MCA will be missed immensely.  Thanks for all the hours of good tunes, good times, and good memories with friends listening to the Beastie Boys.  Kick it!

We’ll miss ya, MCA.


About Jeremiah Cochran

The last minute addition to the party that really brings it all together. Let's face it how else could you get past that Balrog without your Gandalf? (Yes I just compared myself to Gandalf, deal) A fan of comics, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, rolling dice, and tapping cards. Essentially he's the nerd renaissance man. Also he can cook. And do laundry (sort of).

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  1. Yeah… this was a sad freakin day. I listened to Paul Revere about 20 times and drank vodka. Truth.

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