Masters of the Universe Classics: Draego-Man Review

Draego-Man on card

The Four Horsemen have been designing MOTU figures for about ten years, and now for the first time we have a character they created themselves. Draego-Man is the second figure in the 30th Anniversary sub line, from which we’ve already seen Fearless Photog, the winning entry of the 80s Create-A-Character contest. At first I wasn’t on board for the Anniversary line. I wanted Photog, but completely new characters with no fiction, nostalgia, or history to support them? I wasn’t sure. However, letting the Four Horsemen handle the first completely original character in MOTUC was definitely a good move.

Draego-Man closeup

Handsome devil, ain’t he?

Draego-Man is one big toy. He’s the biggest and heaviest normal figure in the line, with those huge wings and tail. He really fills out the package. The wings are sculpted with plenty of details: a scale pattern on the outside, folds on the inside, and talons. They plug into the back of his armor, as does his tail. The tail is a reuse from Whiplash, and it fits right in. That tail is really helpful for balancing him because of those heavy wings. He has Hordak’s feet with He-Ro/Zodak boots. He uses King Hsss’ scaly arms and legs (without Hsss’ reversed shoulders problem), with newly sculpted forearms and 3-fingered hands that match. Like Hsss, his armor has a scale pattern to match those arms and legs. It features a dragon head over crossbones symbol on his chest. Also like Hsss, the armor is not removable. Draego-Man’s head is a great looking dragon head, with yellow eyes and long black horns made of a more flexible material. He also features an extended neck piece like Merman and the upcoming Stinkor.

Draego-Man back view
Draego-Man’s body is primarily a blood red, with some nice dark shading, especially on the back of the wings. The insides of the wings are painted a bright orange, as are the front of his neck and underside of his tail. His armor and boots are a dark purple that goes well with the red body. His belt, the armor’s collar, and spots on the boots and wrist armor feature a metallic blue paint that I love. Matching the horns on his head, the wing talons and claws on his hands are painted black.

Draego-Man and King Hsss
All the usual articulation points are here: ball-jointed head, double-jointed shoulders, triple-jointed hips, double-jointed ankles, and joints for the knees, boots, waist, abs, elbows, wrists, and biceps. Besides these, the tail can turn side to side, and the wings are double-jointed. The head gets pretty good movement, but it’s loose, so it can have a kind of bobble-head effect. Like King Hsss, the scaly arms and bulky armor limit movement some.

Draego-Man with flame sword
Draego-Man’s only accessory is a flame sword. It’s translucent orange and yellow with a purple hilt to match his armor. When the figure was originally shown at SDCC last year he instead had a non-flaming sword, but also a flaming shield (featuring a similar dragon emblem to the one on his chest) and a flame whip. These were cut in order to keep costs down, because of those big painted wings. Mattel will try to fit them in with future figures though.

Draego-Man vs. King Grayskull
This is a great looking figure, an excellent use of old and new parts. Even though he’s the new guy, he fits right in with the rest of MOTUC. So I’m happy I decided to get him, but we’ll have to wait and see how well the rest of the 30th Anniversary figures turn out.

Lighting experiment
Draego-Man was sold in April, so you’ll have to check places like Amazon, BigBadToyStore or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th. I believe the lineup for May will be:
Slush Head
The Mighty Spector (30th Anniversary)
Snake Mountain Stands
Adora (reissue)
Man-at-Arms (reissue)

Now available year round:
Battle Cat
King Hsss

Draego-Man cardback / bio

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