Masters of the Universe Classics: Stinkor Review

Stinkor on card


Oh boy, Stinkor, the toy whose gimmick is that it smells bad. This one has been given a bit more of an update than the average. Let’s have a look.

It stinks!
First I have to talk about the smell. They say Stinkor’s smell is patchouli oil. I haven’t ever smelled patchouli, but I can confirm that the MOTUC Stinkor smells the same as the vintage figure. It’s just not strong. I didn’t even know Moss Man was supposed to smell when I was a kid, but the MOTUC Moss Man’s stench was so strong I had to put it in a plastic bag to keep from getting headaches. Stinkor arrived and seemed to barely smell at all. Disappointing. The smell seemed to get stronger after a day though, with a hint of it permeating the air around the desk where I have him sitting. Then I got Moss Man out of the box I had exiled him to and, even though it’s worn off some over time and he’s still in a bag, his scent is overpowering Stinkor’s odor.

Stinkor, vintage head and shield
Build and Aesthetics
Most of the vintage MOTU figures shared parts, but Stinkor actually had entirely the same body as Merman — even the head, just painted differently and wearing Mekaneck’s armor. MOTUC Stinkor instead follows the vintage cardback artwork where he had Beast Man’s furry body, but combines it with the Merman-style gloves and boots. He has newly sculpted forearms to complete this look, but for some reason Mattel swapped the forearms on the final figure, resulting in some slightly odd anatomy. Fortunately that’s easy to ignore if you’re not looking for it.

Stinkor reversed forearm
Stinkor comes with the same vintage-style head as Merman, as well as a new one featuring a more mammalian appearance with pointed cat-like ears, similar to his 200X staction. The new head is kind of… nightmarish, especially those teeth. Since he shares a head with Merman, Stinkor has a neck piece attached to his torso. It features the same furry details as the rest of his body, and continues the white stripe from his head. For some reason its more gray on this piece though.

Stinkor and Merman

Next time use the deodorant brand that doesn’t leave a sticky white film.

As a side effect of having striped arms, the elbow pegs and shoulder joints are white, which stand out from the black on the insides of his arms.

Stinkor and Merman back
Stinkor has the usual MOTUC articulation, with a ball-jointed neck, double-jointed ankles and shoulders, triple-jointed hips, and joints for the boots, knees, wrists, elbows, biceps, abs, and waist. The armor doesn’t hinder the arm movement too much, but you can’t put them down as far unarmored figures. The head has a great range of movement, but the armor gets in the way some if you have his mask on. All the joints seem to be reasonably tight.

Stinkor, fully equipped
Stinkor’s accessories include a shield as the vintage figure had, an “odor blaster” gun, gas tank, face mask, and armor with some interchangeable parts. The shield is a blue recolor of the shield that came with the palace guards and weapons rack, just as the vintage shield was a recolor of the one that came with Castle Grayskull. The armor takes the design from the vintage figure with more detail and some red and gold paint apps. It’s a single piece that pegs together at the bottom and is fairly flexible, very similar to the armor on Icarius. There is a red circle in front of his face like the vintage armor, which can be popped out and replaced by a valve handle. The gas tank and mask come from his 200X design, but there are no tubes connecting them. The tank can optionally be pegged into the back of the armor. The mask only fits on the new head, and it doesn’t seem to stay on very well when it’s not held on by the armor. When the prototype was shown off the shield and gun had some metallic blue paint apps, but they didn’t make it into the final figure for cost reasons. Disappointing.

Stinkor's accessories
Well this is a nice update to another favorite. There’s a few disappointments, especially how weak the smell is, but overall I really like it. Plenty of display options. This is the point where I would say that now that we have the armor, we need a Mekaneck figure, but it was recently announced that he’s coming later this year. Woo!

Stinkor vs Mossman
Stinkor was sold in May 2012, so you’ll have to check places like Amazon, BigBadToyStore or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th. The lineup for the June 15 sale seems to be:
Horde Prime
Snake Man-At-Arms (includes the second mini-comic)
Griffin (oversized beast)
Beast Man (reissue)
Evil-Lyn (reissue)
Tytus (reissue)

Stinkor cardback / bio
Now available year round:
Battle Cat
King Hsss

Stinkor, new head

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  1. Wow, my Stinkor is rancid smelling. My hands smell after touching him. It smells from 3 rooms away. I hate this figure right now actually since it stinks sooooo much. Worst “feature” ever. I wish it had a warning on the package, and I wouldn’t have opened him.

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