The Avengers 6″ Movie Series: Loki and Hulk figure reviews

Avengers Loki and Hulk carded

Isn’t it kind of late for movie figures from The Avengers, or are they just early for the DVD release? Whatever the case, there are 6″ The Avengers movie figures now available exclusively at Walmart for your purchasing enjoyment. The lineup includes Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Loki. What, no Black Widow? I know they say female figures don’t sell, but I’m sure a lot of people would like to have a little Scarlett Johansson to put on their desks.

Avengers Loki and Hulk cardback

I wasn’t interested in dropping money on the entire line, so I picked up the villain and my favorite character, who also happened to be the two I thought looked best. Also the previous Walmart exclusive movie figures ended up on clearance anyway. I’m not sure exactly what the case assortment is, but Hulk, Loki and Hawkeye seem to be harder to find than Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. So I’m also kind of playing the odds.


First I have to mention the packaging. It’s so refreshing to open a figure and not have to fight with a dozen twist ties or rubber bands to get it out, or accessories that you practically have to bend in half to wrestle them out of the plastic tray. Loki was held in securely without being held ransom by the packaging. The only issue was his cape, which was threaded through a hole in the tray (as they often are). It does help that the cape is easily removable from the figure and is flexible enough to bend a bit.

Loki back

Loki’s face sculpt initially drew me to the figure. Like that Nick Fury from the Captain America line, it’s surprisingly good for a mass retail movie figure, a pretty good likeness of actor Tom Hiddleston. I just wish it had a better facial expression. Something like an evil smile, intensity or anger would be better than the look of boredom or dull surprise he has. He also lacks the somewhat longish hair he had in the movie, probably so it wouldn’t get in the way of articulation.

Loki closeup

His armor and clothes are covered in various sculpted details: flaps, belts, sashes, armor pieces, etc. In particular I notice a nice wavy texture on the leg flaps of his jacket. The cape is removable, and pegs onto a hole in his back. The jacket is also removable with some effort. The outfit is not quite the same as he wore in the movie, but close.

Loki, no jacket

The outfit is colored in blacks, golds and green. Most of the black is matte, while the boots are a nice glossy black. The gold parts could stand to be more shiny, particularly the parts that are made of gold plastic rather than painted (armor on his arms, his accessories). Also, not much care has been put into painting the underside of things. His lapels and a part of the jacket that’s flowing open are painted green, but that paint stops abruptly at the fold. More noticeably, you can also see the skin color showing under the back of his hair.

Loki profile

I don’t have any of the Avengers besides Hulk to compare directly, but Loki seems to be shorter than all of them. I’m not sure how accurate that is. At just over 6″, he’s about half a head shorter than the old Marvel Legends Loki from 2006, most other Marvel Legends, DCUC, and the movie Nick Fury, and about a full head shorter than a MOTUC. He’s about the same size as female Marvel Legends, and a bit taller than Bandai’s 6″ Thundercats.

Loki size comparison

Puny god.

The level of articulation is also pretty impressive for a movie figure. The head is on a ball, and can move all the way around plus up and down some. There are double-jointed knees, elbows and shoulders, and joints for the wrists, biceps and waist. There are neat double-jointed ankles that allow a crazy amount of movement. I was worried he’d have those same awful hips as Nick Fury and a lot of other Marvel figures, but no, he has the same hips as most MOTUC and (I think) most Marvel Legends. They allow the legs to move front and back, side to side, and rotate.

Loki ankles

The joints are fairly tight (many are the clicky kind) and I have no problem getting him to stay up even without his stand. The jacket doesn’t hinder his arms much, but those armor pieces sticking off his shoulders can get in the way a bit. The legs are restricted some, but his skirt is pretty flexible and has a cut in it, so you can still get them into a lot of poses. The skirt may gradually pull them back to a somewhat neutral position though. If you have a nice throne (I don’t), you can get him into a sitting pose, but you have to remove the cape.

Loki in rocking chair


Loki includes his staff from the movie. It has a gold handle with a silvery blade and a blue jewel. It’s kind of small, a longer one would’ve been nice. Only his left hand is really sculpted to hold it though. (Doesn’t he usually have it in his right hand in the movie?) The right hand is more open and pointing, and can loosely hold it on the very end or the blade, where it looks silly. He also has his horned helmet. It manages to not look awkwardly huge, nor is the head awkwardly tiny when it’s removed. So it works well.

Avengers Loki and Marvel Legends Loki

Last, Loki includes a figure stand, or “Collector’s Base”. It consists of 3 hexagons, each with a foot peg, and the Avengers “A” logo on the center one. Mattel could learn a lot from Hasbro about stands. DCUC stands are practically useless, MOTUC stands are questionable, but this one is great. There are not only enough pegs for both feet, but an extra for more options. The pegs are tight enough and long enough to actually stay in the feet and hold the figure up. You’d think these would be basic features of a stand, but apparently not.

Loki vs. Nick Fury

As with Loki, Hulk’s packaging doesn’t require an epic battle of man versus twist tie. He’s just cradled in the plastic tray, ready to be ripped out.


Hulk’s face is based on the Mark Ruffalo-ish Hulk face from the movie. It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad either. It looks like Hulk. The head is kind of small though. In the movie, Hulk had reasonably human-like proportions (more or less), so this little head kind of looks wrong.

Hulk head

Puny head.

Hulk doesn’t wear many clothes, so the sculpt is muscles, muscles, muscles. Plus there’s veins, tendons, and finger and toenails. Overall, it looks more realistic than previous Hulk figures I own. Then there’s his tattered pants. There are many details like folds, cloth texture, belt loops, etc. sculpted in. The pants are torn near the knees, with flexible pieces hanging down. Very nice look.

Hulk vs. Loki

There’s not a lot of color on Hulk. He’s just… green. The hair is black with green highlights. He has white in his eyes, but green irises. He has white teeth with red gums between them. And of course Hulk needs purple pants. They’re not a bright purple, just a purplish brown.

Hulk and Phil

Hulk smash puny Coulson.

This Hulk figure isn’t quite as big compared to the other characters as he is in the movie, but he still towers over them and barely fits in the package. At around 8″, he’s about as tall as the older Marvel Legends Hulks I have (2005 “first appearance” Hulk and 2006 “Face-Off” 2-pack Hulk), just with different proportions, and a head or so taller than a MOTUC.

Hulk comparison

So I was pleased that Loki didn’t have the bad hip articulation. Well I opened Hulk and… uh oh. I’ll try to explain what’s wrong with it. DCUC figures, for example, have hips that can move back and forward or move out to the sides. As I said above, MOTUC (and some Marvel Legends, and Loki of course) go one better by allowing the legs to rotate as well. This allows you to put the legs into pretty much any position you could want. The baffling articulation utilized by Hulk has the rotation, and allows the legs to move back and forward OR to the sides, but not both at once. You have to rotate the hip balls into different positions to choose which way the legs will bend. You can’t get them into quite as many positions as the better hips, and the poses you can do can be a pain in the ass because you need to make sure those balls are aligned properly. What’s confusing about this is that it’s the same number of joints (3), probably the same number of parts, it can even look the same, but it’s objectively worse. On the plus side, because of Hulk’s size, they do work a lot better than most figures that use this type of joint.

Hulk running

Otherwise, Hulk has the same sort of ball joint head as Loki, bicep joints, double-jointed shoulders, elbows, knees and wrists, and those same great ankle joints as Loki. Instead of a waist twist, he has a torso joint. It can rotate 180 degrees and bend in any direction. So even with the hip joints I don’t like, you can still get a nice variety of poses out of him.

Hulk ankles

I also noticed his elbows are made of a fairly soft material, so when posing him around they feel a little flimsy. It might not really be a problem, but I do wonder if those elbows might become stressed over time and eventually wear out.

Hulk’s only accessory is the same stand that came with Loki. What’s great is if you have more than one, the stands can attach together in several positions and even stack.

Avengers stands

So like most things these figures have an issue or two, but overall I am happy with them. I’ve heard they can be hard to find, as Walmart exclusives are sometimes. So good luck.

Hulk vs. Loki

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  1. Great review, sir. Everything I could ever want to know, and these photos are the best yet. Also glad to see I’m not the only one blowing money on those Chibi Avengers. All I want is a Nick Fury and a Hulk and I can’t make it happen!

    • Thank you, sir.
      When I heard that there was an Agent Coulson I had to get one. I fondled all the bags in the store until I was pretty sure I had him. (Hulk looks like he might be easy to find using this method.) Got Nick Fury and Iron Man along with him, didn’t much care for the Iron Man. Kind of wished I had a Bruce Banner to use in this review, but I haven’t really seen them for sale since I got the ones I did.

  2. Loki looks very bored and unafraid at being held upside down, no? 😉 great review!

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