Masters of the Universe Classics: Horde Prime Review

Horde Prime on card

Another character that has never had a toy representation before, Horde Prime was a Filmation creation that didn’t need to exist. Hordak was already the next bigger, badder thing after Skeletor. Yet almost immediately he went from being the Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde to the subservient little brother of the leader of the Horde. Okay, but how is the figure?

Horde Prime
This was going to be the 2012 sub exclusive figure before Mattel obtained the Filmation rights. Then Shadow Weaver bumped Horde Prime to a monthly slot. Earlier bios even referred to him as Horde Supreme since they didn’t yet have the rights to the name.

The Evil Horde

Aesthetics and Build
In the She-Ra cartoon, Horde Prime mostly appeared as a pair of giant robotic hands, or as a shadowy figure with some red trim (obscured by a cloud of smoke). The figure combines both of those features with some similarity to Hordak. He has newly sculpted hands based on the cartoon, along with Roboto’s arms (with corrected shoulders) and boot tops, Faceless One’s skirt, Hordak’s feet, and new boots based on Hordak’s but with bat wings.

Horde Prime comparison

Aside from his silver hands, the figure is black all over, with red trim and some other red details such as Horde symbols and the bat wings on his legs.  There also seems to be another shade of black on raised areas of his armor.
Horde Prime in helmet

Horde Prime comes with 2 heads: one based on his drastically different UK comic design and (since you never saw his face in the cartoon) a new design Mattel wished to keep a surprise until people opened their figures. When the figure was revealed you could see a bit of his face through the helmet, and what you could see looked like a red Hordak. So you could figure he would look like a red Hordak, maybe with bat wing ears, explaining the Horde symbol. It turns out he looks like a red Hordak with bat wing ears, except older, bearded and somewhat Klingon. The Horde symbol still looks more like Hordak though.

Horde Prime's face


Why not Zoidberg?

The UK comic head is a little goofy looking (true to the source material) and doesn’t really match the rest of the body, but it’s still a nice bonus. You could trying mixing bodies and parts from other figures to find a suitable match.

Horde Prime UK comic head
If Horde Prime was in scale with his appearance in the She-Ra cartoon, he would be the size of a person at least, so that was never going to happen. (Hey, a pair of Horde Prime gloves would be cool though.) It might’ve been nice to have him as a giant sized figure like Tytus or Megator, but then he’d have a lot less articulation and still not be anywhere close to cartoon scale. It’s been suggested that his cartoon appearance could’ve been a Wizard of Oz sort of thing anyway. So I’m happy with him being the size of standard figure. He is actually a little bit taller than the average MOTUC figure though. This seems to be because of his boots, but the big helmet helps too.

Horde Prime size

The usual MOTUC articulation is there. He has the ball-jointed neck, triple-jointed hips, double-jointed shoulders, knee bends, boot twists, ankle bends, elbow bends, bicep twists, wrist twists, waist twist and the ab crunch. The skirt is very flexible and doesn’t hinder leg movement much. Joints are all nice and tight and he stands well. The left ankle on mine has a limited range of movement. I’m not sure what’s causing it. It might be just my figure or a problem with the mold.

Horde Prime w/ crossbow

Horde Prime’s chest armor is very similar to Hordak’s, except with only an outline of the Horde symbol since that’s on his cape. The armor is also a lot more flexible than Hordak’s and easily removable. His hood/collar is also similar to Hordak’s, but with ridges running down both the front and back. It’s also not attached to his cape as Hordak’s is. It can slide right off once you’ve removed the head. The cape is huge! It’s red with really nice shading, with black shoulder pads. On the front is that Horde symbol, which has a really sloppy paint job on mine. The cape just rests on his shoulders and can be lifted right off (though his ears get in the way so it’s easier if you remove the head first). The big helmet has a groove inside to fit the ridges on his head, and clips onto his ears to stay in place.

Horde Prime accessories

Aside from all those armor pieces, the only accessory is a crossbow like the rest of the (male) Horde members have. Instead of being held or clipped onto the wrist, both of Horde Prime’s hands are removable and it can snap on in their place. If you have other figures such as Roboto or Hurricane Hordak, their attachments are interchangeable. Like a lot of MOTUC figures this year Horde Prime was a victim of cost cutting. When he was originally shown he had a staff kind of like Hordak’s that didn’t make it to the final figure (along with losing some paint apps). Like the others, Mattel is looking into the possibility of including the staff with another figure in the future.

Horde Prime parts sharing

Despite my problem with this character existing in the first place, Horde Prime is a pretty cool figure. You can also use his body and accessories to give Hordak an upgrade.

Hordak suited up

Horde Prime was sold in June 2012, so you’ll have to check places like Amazon, BigBadToyStore or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th. The MOTUC lineup for the July 16 sale seems to just be Spikor.
Horde Prime cardback

However, from July 2-31 is also the SDCC’s Most-Wanted Sale, with a selection of older figures, and the “Essentials” (He-Man, Skeletor, Battlecat, etc.) are 10% off.

Horde Optimus takes the Matrix

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