A Doug Benson Occurrence

I’ve been a religious listener of Doug Loves Movies for well over two years. Doug Benson (@DougBenson on Twitter) the host and namesake of this show graciously “plops” a new, hilarious, and free episode early each Friday morning. Doug Loves Movies is a comedy podcast in which Doug and several guests (usually comedians or actors) talk about movies and play a few movie related games, including A,B,C,Deez Nuts, Build-a-title, and the centerpiece, The Leonard Maltin Game.  In this time, I’ve played at least a hundred rounds of The Leonard Maltin Game while listening along to the podcast.  On Sunday August 5th 2-Oceans-12, I got a shot at The Leonard Maltin Game for real.

Doug Benson doesn’t make a living giving away free podcasts. Instead he tours as a stand-up comedian, his primary vocation. How better to support one of my favorite shows (a podcast is a show) than by going to see Doug’s equally hilarious stand-up comedy? My lovely wife and I decided we were all in and going to Doug’s shows on Saturday and Sunday in nearby Toledo. My incredible wife Chrissy, being the more talented of us, set to constructing our name-tags for the show.


At his stand-up shows after Doug’s set, Doug’s opening act is the opponent to an audience member of their choosing in a single round of The Leonard Maltin Game. During this mini Cleveland-to-Cedar Point-to-Toledo roadtrip Doug has been touring with the funny and cerebral David Huntsberger, talented comedian and co-host of a good podcast called Professor Blastoff.

At Saturday’s show they mentioned and saw my sign, but ultimately another was chosen. No sweat, I’m a little scared of the stage and couldn’t have had a better time at the show anyhow. On Sunday we were excited for the shows, but debated bringing the signs. Irrational fear of being chosen, I think. But, as our buddy Kevin Smith says “Why Not?”, we brought the Boyd Runner sign. It came time to “hunger for games ” and David seemed to notice the sign pretty quick. Doug and David read around riffing on the various signs/name-tags until David said “Boyd Runner.”  The rest is on the internet forever now. I was in a state that I would describe as nervous calm.

Here’s a link to the episode

Or search for “Doug Loves Movies” in the comedy podcast section in iTunes. “David Huntsberger vs. Toledo”

Also if you’re pretty into movies and comedy, you should probably be subscribing to DLM if you aren’t already.

Doug Benson Tour Dates

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