Masters of the Universe Classics: Vykron Review

Vykron "Tank Top" boxed

In a pitch for what would become the original Masters of the Universe toyline, Mattel designer Roger Sweet created 3 prototypes out of Big Jim figures. These were to show that the generically named “He-Man” could be put into any situation. They were a barbarian, which became the He-Man that we know, a space man, which borrowed his helmet from a Boba Fett figure, and a military man, which was some sort of bizarre tank guy. This year’s MOTUC San Diego Comic Con exclusive is Vykron, who can become any of these 3 figure concepts by swapping outfits.

Roger Sweet models

Roger Sweet “He-Man” prototypes

People attending the Con were able to buy Vykron packed out as the barbarian, while the “Space Ace” and “Tank Top” packouts were sold online. They all contain the same parts though. The barbarian and space ace share the same head with swappable helmets, while tank top gets its own head. They each then have their own snap-on armors and one weapon each. It seems like they might have had some trouble getting everything to fit in the package, as his loin cloth and both guns came out warped. The loincloth eventually settled down a little, but it’s still not right. It was also a bit of a struggle to get many of the pieces out.

Vykron box back / bio
Build and Deco
Vykron is mostly the standard MOTUC human body, with newly sculpted forearms and hands with gauntlets. The forearms feature an orange jewel and some “H” markings and the hands have He-Man’s iron cross. The right hand is open a bit too much to hold two of his 3 weapons very well. I’m not sure if it was sculpted this way or another example of being warped by the package. I guess I’ll have to fix it with a hair dryer. The gauntlets, along with his belt, are painted silver. Boots, loin cloth and hands are a dark brown. Disappointingly, like Spikor, the arms and legs seem to have been cast in black plastic and painted to match his skin color. Mine had already lost some of that paint before I opened it, and I felt like it gave him a sickly look in some lighting.

Vykron nude

Bald is beautif- ew, never mind.

The head is pretty goofy looking without a helmet on, and includes no helmetless hair piece. A few people have said the face sculpt is closer to the vintage He-Man than the MOTUC He-Man face is. I can kind of see what they’re saying, but it has sort of sharp, exaggerate features, and I think it would make for an ugly He-Man. That head is unusually difficult to get on for some reason, but the tank head is fine.

Vykron has typical MOTUC articulation. The head is on a ball joint, shoulders can rotate and move up and down, hips move forward and back, out to the sides and rotate, the ankles, knees, elbows and abs bend, boots, biceps, wrists and waist rotate. Joints are all tight, especially the right shoulder again. The snap-on boot pieces can get in the way of ankle movement, so that can interfere with getting him to stand.

Vykron vs Gygor

“Stop dismembering yourself. Stop dismembering yourself.”

The barbarian outfit includes black hair with a goofy helmet, a chest harness resembling He-Man’s (except brown/silver instead of gray/red) but with a furry back, and snap-on shin guards with the same cross on them as the harness. The harness is surprisingly hard to get on. The parts that peg together just don’t want to go in while it’s on the figure. His weapon is an axe which features some decorations sculpted into the blade and a spiral on the handle. The handle is pretty thin, and the right hand (on mine at least) can’t hold it unless he’s holding the spiral part.

Vykron Barbarian
This is the least silly looking outfit, probably why it was the basis for the finished He-Man. That helmet is still something else though.

Space Ace
This outfit has a gray/orange Boba Fett-style helmet, vest with belt, removable winged jet pack, and snap-on wrist and shin guards. They all feature various scratches for a battle-worn look. The belt, like the barbarian’s harness, is really hard to get on. It barely fits around him, and doesn’t even fit together well when it’s not on him. I’ve found it easier to get it on if you push the chest all the way forward on the ab joint, but it’s still tough. His weapon is a shotgun? A space shotgun? It also has a pretty slim handle, meaning I can’t get him to hold it very well in the right hand.

Vykron Space Ace
I ended up liking this outfit better than I expected, but doesn’t that belt looks like a diaper?

Tank Top
Man, where to start? The head is a tank with a face. The chest armor also looks like a tank with a face, with something resembling black treads on the shoulders, with the edges painted silver like the base figure’s belt. There’s also snap-on wrist armor and boots that kind of look like they came off a plane. They each have white stars painted on them for a military look. All the armor is covered in scratches and dents, with paint shading all over, to give it the appearance that it’s really been through a lot of fights. His weapon is some kind of sci-fi rifle, and the only one of the 3 my figure can hold well in his right hand.

Vykron Tank Top

In case you can’t tell, this one is my favorite. It’s just so ridiculous. People say this one doesn’t really fit in with MOTU because of the US military look, and I can’t really disagree. I still love it though.

Vykron and Big-nosed Friends

“So a horse walks into a bar…”

Extra Fun
The various boots or shin guards can fit onto any figure with the standard furry boots if you feel like playing dress-up. The wrist guards are made to fit this figure’s unique forearms though. They’ll still fit on some of the other figures, they just won’t lock on as well.

This figure isn’t for everyone, but that’s exactly what an exclusive should be. Something the casual fan can live without, but might appeal to the more dedicated fan. So this may be an easy pass for most, especially with the problems it has, but for people interested in the history of He-Man, or if you love the goofy side of MOTU, this could be a nice piece to pick up.

Vykron, He-Man, Vykor


Vykron was Mattel’s MOTUC SDCC exclusive for 2012, so you’ll have to check places like Amazon, BigBadToyStore or eBay to get one now. I assume the SDCC version packed out as the barbarian will tend to be a little more expensive than the other two.

MMPR vs Vykron


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