Masters of the Universe Classics: Sir Laser-Lot Review

Sir Laser-Lot carded

Designed by DC Comics’ Geoff Johns, the 4th figure in the MOTUC 30th Anniversary line is Sir Laser-Lot. As with The Mighty Spector, this was the character Johns submitted to the 80s Create-a-Character contest. This is another one that didn’t go over well when it was revealed, but personally I am digging it. It looks like something straight out of the Filmation cartoon or vintage toyline. (It also reminds me of the Axe Lord Armor from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which amuses me.)

Sir Laser-Lot cardback / bio

Sir Laser-Lot club

Build and Deco
Sir Laser-Lot has the standard MOTUC human body with Hordak’s gloves, Bow’s boots, and the armored pelvis piece (from Roboto, Man-E-Faces). The figure is mostly dark blue, with red boots, gloves neck, and the studs on his hips, and a metallic blue on the front of the pelvis piece. The boots also have some metallic red detailing. As with Spikor and Vykron, the arms and legs are cast in black plastic and painted blue. I’m still not sure why they’ve been doing it this way lately, but it’s less of a problem this time because the blue is so dark. The blue also features some shading for added depth.

Sir Laser-Lot nude

I’m sure some sort of redneck joke could be made.

The head is a blue and red knight helmet with a silver visor, a translucent red “laser” plume, what seems to be a laser sight on the side, and some metallic blue detailing. Mine unfortunately has a line through the visor where a hair must’ve gotten in the way of painting.

Sir Laser-Lot front and back
Laser-Lot has the typical MOTUC articulation. The head is on a ball joint. Hips move forward and back as well as out to the sides and rotate. Shoulders move forward and back as well as out to the sides. Biceps, wrists, boots and waist rotate. Elbows, knees, ankles and abs bend. Joints are all very tight, with the right shoulder being a little tougher to turn, as with the last few figures.

Sir Laser-Lot shield
The helmet’s plume is glued in, but the glue is weak enough to be easily unstuck so you can turn it, which then makes it easier to pose the head. If you do though, the plume will tend to pop off while posing. (It stays in perfectly fine when you’re not moving it.) I do wonder if it would eventually start happening even if you don’t purposely unstick the glue.

Sir Laser-Lot and the Preternia Crew
The accessories include a removable armor with attached cape, a laser shield, laser sword and laser mace. The cape is the same as He-Ro’s, but made of a more flexible material, closer to Horde Prime‘s. It’s red, and features some paint shading to add depth. It’s glued to his armor, which is a similar design to He-Ro’s, but again, more flexible. The armor pegs together at the bottom, similar to other recent armors like that of Horde Prime, Spikor and Icarius. The cape can make it tough to get on and off. The armor is basically the same blue as most of his body, but more matte, with silver painted buckles, and metallic blue edges. In the middle of the chest is a red triangular gem. I think on the prototype this was also translucent plastic, but it’s just painted red on the finished figure. Too bad.

Sir Laser-Lot accessories
The laser shield is a transparent blue with carved designs, filled in with silver. (Seems kind of like a face shooting lasers out of its eyes.) The laser sword has a translucent red blade with a golden-yellow handle, and the laser mace has a translucent red (maybe more pink) spiked tip with a kind of metallic dark gray handle.

Sir Laser-Lot vs King Hsss
This might be my favorite of the 30th Anniversary figures. I like the design and love the weapons.

Sir Laser-Lot sword
Sir Laser-Lot was sold in August 2012, and at the time of writing this, it’s still available on (I guess it really wasn’t so popular.) Once it’s gone, you can try places like Amazon, BigBadToyStore or eBay to get it. New figures go on sale each month, usually on the 15th, and sell out within a few days (or minutes in some cases). The lineup for the September 17 sale seems to be:

Dragon Blaster Skeletor (w/ the 3rd minicomic)
Snake Men 2-Pack
Zodak (remaining stock)
Weapons Rack (remaining stock)
A selection of “Essentials” (He-Man, Skeletor, Battlecat, etc.) are also available for purchase any time.

Sir Laser-Lot lighting fun

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