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The Measure of a Man – Extended Cut (Tee Hee)

Earlier this year when going to see Dark Knight Rises, I noticed on the marquee those magical words “Star Trek”.  I let out a noise not unlike when Scooby-Doo is surprised. I broke out my phone to research, and discovered a  screening of the TNG season one episodes “Where No One Has Gone Before” and “Datalore” to promote the HD restoration and Blu-Ray release. “Can’t miss this” I decided, and ANO’s Jeremiah and I partook. It was a great time, and surprisingly fun to watch with a crowd. I hoped they would continue this with the subsequent season releases, and they have.

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Disney Buys Lucas Films: Why This is Good News

It is an energy field found in all things. It unites us, it binds us, it brings the galaxy together. Those words sparked more hope, inspiration, and deep feelings of what it means to be a good person than the entire sum of the rest of my whole life has to this very moment. I was hooked young, some of my earliest memories are of watching the Star Wars trilogy. Read the rest of this entry

Masters of the Universe Classics: Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review

Great Unrest Weapons Pak mailer

Why aren’t there more accessory packs these days? Back in the 80s you could buy packs of weapons, armor and equipment for your figures or vehicles. MOTU had them, G.I. Joe had them, and (personal favorite of mine that doesn’t get talked about much these days) Wheeled Warriors had them. The 3rd (4th if you count the Weapons Rack) such pack in MOTUC is the Great Unrest Weapons Pak, which is the first one to include newly tooled accessories instead of just redecos. A number of items that were cut from figures due to cost this year have been included in this pack, as well as some fan requested items.

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Masters of the Universe Classics: Scareglow Review

Spooky Scareglow

I’ve been wanting to review some older figures, and with Halloween coming up, I thought Scareglow might be a good choice. Scareglow was one of the later figures in the vintage line and didn’t get produced in the same numbers as earlier figures, so it’s pretty hard to find now. I didn’t even know it existed until more than a decade later. With its glow-in-the-dark feature, it’s exactly the sort of thing I would’ve loved though. Scareglow is now updated to Classics standards, so let’s see how it turned out.

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Volkswagen Fall Fling 2012: Hippies Use Backdoor, No Exceptions

In the latest episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld takes his former Seinfield co-star Michael Richards for a ride in a rusty 60s Volkswagen bus to get coffee. The vehicle stood out to me because of its unique pickup-style design. My dad also recently told me about his respect for Volkswagens, which surprised me because he’s more into muscle cars. So when I noticed the Volkswagen Fall Fling on the Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-In [MIDI warning] calendar, I thought it’d be a nice change of pace to check out.

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Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Foot Soldier

In my review of the disappointing Kraang from the new TMNT toyline (featuring the turtles, Shredder, a Foot Soldier, Splinter, April O’Neil, and Kraa[+a]ng,) I said I wasn’t that impressed with some of the toy designs at a first glance. That changed after I jumped in and watched the first three episodes. My childhood is safely preserved in this new fangled generation of CGI. I can even appreciate the small touches, such as Leo stating a kendo term in Japanese within the first five minutes of the first episode. How’s that for multiculturalism? I also liked how Metalhead looks from the second wave of the toyline, so I went to Walmart for some ‘field research’ on the matter. I browsed their selection as I had very much enjoyed in my youth, and found a healthy showing of the first wave. No Metalhead, though, so I figured ‘why not?’ to the Foot Soldier toy. Well, how did that turn out?

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Masters of the Universe Classics: Snake Men 2-Pack Review

Snake Men in box

The Snake Men didn’t get much exposure in the 80s. They were the focus of a couple of comics, and Rattlor and Tung Lashor showed up in the Filmation She-Ra series at times as members of Horde and other times as Skeletor’s goons. The 2002 Mike Young Productions cartoon featured them as the main villains of season 2 though, and King Hsss had an army of unnamed Snake Men warriors at his command. So an army-builder 2-pack of Snake Men seemed like a great idea for MOTUC.

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Masters of the Universe Classics: Dragon Blaster Skeletor Review

Dragon Blaster Skeletor carded

I didn’t have the regular Skeletor when I was little, with Battle Armor Skeletor filling that role. That was a cool toy, but once I got Dragon Blaster Skeletor it became my favorite variant. He wore armor with a dragon clinging to his back, with the same water spitting action feature as Kobra Khan. It was great! However, under the armor was just a regular Skeletor, so after I found some accessories at a garage sale, he was also able to become my regular Skeletor. Now he’s back with the usual MOTUC update in detail and articulation. He lost the vintage figure’s action feature, like most MOTUC, but with a new mix of parts, you may be able to armor swap your way into your own preferred version(s) of Skeletor.

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Best Buy to Relocate Entire Movie Stock to Unorganized Bins by 2014

Let me start by saying that I am a Best  Buy Reward Zone Premier Silver member. I guess that means that I’m a boss like Rick Ross in the Best Buy world or something like that. I’ve achieved this status by pretty much only buying movies and TV shows. Rewind to two weeks ago. I walked into my local Best Buy to browse the movie sales like I always do and what I saw caused me to become overwhelmed – so much so that I walked out of the store to go to another Best Buy. When I went to the other Best Buy, I was equally overwhelmed. What could be so overwhelming, you ask? Best Buy has combined their DVDs and blu-rays into one section! You may not think this is a problem but until you’ve seen it but trust me when I say that it is not a pretty sight. Read the rest of this entry

Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Kraang

The first wave of the new TMNT reboot toys included all of the usual suspects (the turtles, Shredder, a Foot Soldier, Splinter, and April O’Neil) along with one newcomer to mix things up. Instead of fan-favorite Krang, the extra-dimensional, brain-like conqueror that hangs out in the stomach of a fat android body, we get the Kraang, “extra-dimensional… brain-like conquerors” that hang out in the stomachs of skinny android bodies. I wasn’t overall impressed enough with the designs of this series to buy the complete set, so I went with just one toy from this line to add to my toy wall. Kraaang fit in well enough until I heard that Metalhead is part of the second wave. Sweet!

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