Masters of the Universe Classics: Mekaneck Review

Mekaneck in box

A couple of the MOTU big names have been held off, dangled in front of fans like a carrot. Ram Man is the one everyone asks for, and he’s finally coming next year. The one I’ve been anticipating the most is Mekaneck. I’ve previously said Fisto was probably my favorite figure as a kid, but Mekaneck was a close second. I loved his action feature, a mechanical neck that extends when you turn his waist, but it left him in an awkward pose. The 200X figure featured the same action feature with the same problem. So he stood to benefit greatly from a MOTUC update.

Mekaneck cardback

Build and Deco
Mekaneck uses the standard MOTUC human body, with symmetrical bracers (to match his vintage card art). Most of his body is blue, with metallic blue bracers, silvery gray boots, brown/black loin cloth, and nice metallic green belt. Unfortunately, like the last few figures, the arms and legs were cast in black plastic and painted blue. (Apparently I’m not the only one who’s been bothered by this, a lot of people have complained. Mattel says it will stop after November’s Dekker.) As with Sir Laser-Lot, it’s not TOO bad since he’s such a dark blue. Worse than that are the painted hands, which are also really stiff (at least the right one) making it difficult to get him to hold a weapon. Combine that with his weapon being painted too, and you’re practically guaranteed to have a problem with paint rubbing off at some point.

Mekaneck frontMekaneck back

The head is a nice update from the vintage figure, with the very angular helmet and silver goggles. It features sculpted details like rivets and seams. When the figure was first previewed, I thought it maybe looked a little too vintage, and wished the goggles were tinted green like the 200X figure. Now that I have the figure in hand I think it looks fine, but I still think it could’ve benefited from a hint of green. People have noticed that the helmet seems to sit too high on his head, so the goggles aren’t really lined up with where his eyes should be. This kind of bothers me, but it’s something you’re really only going to see if you’re looking closely and I’m not sure I would’ve even noticed if it hadn’t been pointed out.

Mekaneck comparison

Classics, 200X, vintage

Mekaneck comparison, extended

Standard body, standard articulation. Mekaneck has a ball-jointed neck; shoulders that rotate forward and back as well as bend up to the sides; hips that move forward and back, bend up to the sides and rotate; ankles, knees, elbows, and abs that bend; and waist, boots, biceps, and wrists that rotate. Joints are reasonably tight and he stands well. The armor doesn’t hinder articulation much, and doesn’t seem to get in the way of the head at all. The head seems to have a really good range of movement, able to look up and down farther than most figures.

Mekaneck & Stinkor

Mekaneck comes with his classic armor and club (which kind of looks like an ice cream cone, doesn’t it?), as well as two neck pieces. The armor is the same we saw with Stinkor, in red with silver detailing, but made of a slightly more flexible material. It still has the hole in the back so you could plug in Stinkor’s tank if you so desire, and it has the circle piece in the front that was removable on Stinkor, but it seems to be glued in. You could probably still pop it out without too much trouble and replace it with Stinkor’s gas filter if you really wanted. The club is painted yellow, with various spikes and decorations painted a metallic yellow.

Mekaneck's accessories

Mekaneck w/ Stinkor's tank

The neck pieces take the place of the vintage figure’s action feature. They use the same pegs as most MOTUC heads, so you just pop the head off, pop the neck on in its place, and pop the head onto the neck. You get a 2″ neck and a 5″ neck. You can attach the 2 pieces together for an even longer neck, but they both have a blue collar at the bottom, so it won’t look right. This is too bad, because otherwise you could’ve bought multiple figures to extend his neck to absolutely insane lengths (as seen in the MYP series). I was originally hoping they would put out extra neck pieces in a weapons pack. Ah well.

Mekaneck w/ 2" neck

Mekaneck w/ 5" neck

Mekaneck w/ double neck excitement

Extra Fun
You can attach those neck pieces to pretty much any figure with a normal neck as long as their armor doesn’t get in the way, so you can come up with some weird stuff.

Sir Laser-Lot w/ neckVykron w/ neckPhotog w/ neck

Wrap Up
It’s too bad one of my favorites had to come out while they were cutting corners with the black plastic, and I wish the neck was handled just a bit differently, but I still love this figure. He’s a great update of the original and a lot of fun.

Mekaneck vs. Spikor

Mekaneck was originally sold in September 2012, so you’ll have to check places like Amazon, BigBadToyStore or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th (at 9AM Pacific), and sell out within a few days (or minutes in some cases). The lineup for the October 15 sale seems to be:

– Rattlor
– Frosta
– Cy-Chop (30th Anniversary)
– Great Unrest Weapons Pak
– Battle Armor He-Man (remaining stock)
– King Grayskull (remaining stock)
– Trap Jaw (remaining stock)
A selection of “Essentials” (He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Cat, etc.) are also available for purchase any time.

Also, October 12 is He-Man’s 30th birthday, so for one day only you can pick up He-Man & Battlecat together for $30.

Six Million Dollar Neck

“We can rebuild him.”

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  1. That Photog photo kind of makes me speechless with its perfection.

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