Thrift Store Adventures Volume 2: Now in 3D

Last week, Thrift Store Adventures taught you seven things about thrift stores. This week, we’ll cover seven more weird things you could come across in your own thrift store adventures:

1. Portable Mirrors for Giants
This would make the perfect prank gift for the jolly Green Giant.

2. Vintage 3D cameras
Ever wondered how Avatar would look if it were made in the 90s?

3. Computer Straps
Perfect for when you’re so paranoid that you need to earthquake proof your fax machine.

4. Yellow Belts
Need to impress that special someone, but don’t want to go overboard with a black belt?

5. Nerdy Alarm Clocks
Ever needed to wake up to science? Also, gotta love the typography.

6. Expensive pieces of plastic
For this price, you’d expect it to be plastic-coated gold.

7. Sci-Fi Movie Props
Perfect to go along with your 3D Magic cameras.

Honorable Mention
Clowns and dolls to visit you in your nightmares.

About Zombiepaper

My interests are very specific and sometimes esoteric: writing, videogames (EarthBound), movies (zombie, martial arts, and animated), music (listening and bass guitar), thrift stores, philosophy, and toys. Also, Cowabunga!

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  1. Tell me you bought the 3D camera. I need to know how that works.

  2. I enjoy the earthquake strap. This is a product I never would’ve thought of, even though it makes some amount of sense.

    • I think the earthquake strap would have been more popular around here, on the Ring of Fire, where we’ve actually had a major earthquake in the past twenty years. For you guys out in the midwest, an earthquake strap would only be super effective against cat attacks.

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