Volkswagen Fall Fling 2012: Hippies Use Backdoor, No Exceptions

In the latest episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld takes his former Seinfield co-star Michael Richards for a ride in a rusty 60s Volkswagen bus to get coffee. The vehicle stood out to me because of its unique pickup-style design. My dad also recently told me about his respect for Volkswagens, which surprised me because he’s more into muscle cars. So when I noticed the Volkswagen Fall Fling on the Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-In [MIDI warning] calendar, I thought it’d be a nice change of pace to check out.

Bugs and Wagons

Everyone knows the bug. There were quite a few, and since the body style is so common, I only took a photo of one bug. I did, however, like how the station wagons looked and this one had a fine mustache on the bumper.

Little Miss Sunshine (Not Quite)

I forgot to look for the 1962 VW Split Window Double Cab bus from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but I didn’t really see any that reminded me of the bus either.

Karmann Ghia

I asked my dad what specific Volkswagens I should look for and he said the Karmann Ghia. They look more like Italian sports cars than the humble Beetle and do look like fun cars. The unfortunate side effect of owning a classic car is the cost of maintenance. That’s another part of the classic car show experience: you can meet new people that share your interest in classic cars and even buy them as well. I was not in the market, sadly.

The Thing
I’d never seen one of these things (I know) before, which I think is odd because Jeeps are fairly common around here for off-roading. There was a Hawaiian one decked out in army camouflage with European plates that I liked quite a bit. This row of Things provided an interesting example of vanity plates where the green one is VWTHING and the orange one is THING. I’m surprised they parked next to each other. I would assume a war would have broken out over that vanity plate.

The Monster Truck
As much as I can appreciate the visual design of a car, the main appeal for me is the power of the vehicle. Movies like Vanishing Point, Bullitt, and Two-Lane Blacktop set the stage for that appreciation. Volkswagens aren’t really in the same category as the Challengers, Mustangs, and 55′ Chevs. I think everyone was impressed with this car, or should I say Monster Truck! Wow! It even has a trailer hitch. It was tucked away on one of the side lots, maybe so it didn’t scare off the other cars.

Wrap Up
I’ve seen these parking lots packed at the Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-In in Issaquah, Washington. It wasn’t quite packed, but there was overfill onto one of the side lots, so I’d say there was a good showing of cars. I didn’t stay for long (here are two other galleries to look at for more photos), and I’m kind of glad I did. Shortly after I got home, it started raining with an unusual force and fury across the region for about five minutes and then stopped. What was the point of that, Mother Nature? They named these cars after an insect. It’s not like they were called Volkswagen Treecutters!


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  1. Great pictures!

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