Masters of the Universe Classics: Great Unrest Weapons Pak Review

Great Unrest Weapons Pak mailer

Why aren’t there more accessory packs these days? Back in the 80s you could buy packs of weapons, armor and equipment for your figures or vehicles. MOTU had them, G.I. Joe had them, and (personal favorite of mine that doesn’t get talked about much these days) Wheeled Warriors had them. The 3rd (4th if you count the Weapons Rack) such pack in MOTUC is the Great Unrest Weapons Pak, which is the first one to include newly tooled accessories instead of just redecos. A number of items that were cut from figures due to cost this year have been included in this pack, as well as some fan requested items.

Great Unrest Weapons Pak cardedGreat Unrest Weapons Pak cardback

Let’s start with the least interesting item: Clawful’s bright green club, repainted in… bright green. I really don’t know what the point of this was. It’s pretty similar to the one that came with him, just with some metallic green highlights that give it some contrast. I would’ve rather seen the standard club (without the seashell) in Clawful’s colors, or maybe this one painted silver or white. Then again, I would actually like these weapons packs to include some unchanged items for things that may be easily lost or broken (like Catra’s mask) or with minor changes (like an unpainted version of He-Man’s sword so the paint can’t chip off), but this club isn’t exactly the first thing on my list. Also included is Clawful’s shield in green, which does look nice. These items may be a good way to differentiate your army of Snake Men, or beef up the equipment of aquatic characters.

GUWP Clawful weaponsGUWP Clawful

GUWP Clawful weapons: Snake ManGUWP Clawful shield: blue Merman

Chief Carnivus
Another set of items I’m not terribly excited about is Chief Carnivus’ shield in silver and a sort of teal color, and his sword in silver and light blue. They look alright, but I’m not sure who they’re supposed to be for.

GUWP Carnivus weapons

GUWP Chief CarnivusGUWP Carnivus, Guard

Teela / Evil-Lyn
Next up is something I’ve actually hoped would make it into one of these packs: Teela’s shield in Evil-Lyn’s blue color. In some vintage art Evil-Lyn is depicted with this shield, so it’s a nice display option for the yellow/blue Lyn. You also get the Teela / Goddess snake armor as well as Teela’s snake staff and sword in a red color, probably to better match the vintage Teela. Seems a little incomplete without her shield in that color though.

GUWP Teela weapons

GUWP Evil-LynGUWP TeelaGUWP BG Teela

Draego-Man was originally shown with a flame whip, flame shield, and an unflamed sword, but ended up with a just flame sword due to cost. He’s finally complete thanks to this set. The shield is purple with metallic purple highlights, featuring the same red dragon and crossbones symbol as on Draego-Man’s armor, and has a removable translucent flame framing it. It really looks fantastic. The flame whip is translucent yellow and orange with the handle painted purple (and the studs a metallic purple), similar to the flame sword that came with him. The paint on my flame sword’s handle ripped off when I took it out of his hand recently, so I would expect the same is possible or even likely with this whip, something to watch out for. The unflamed sword also has the purple painted handle (not sure what kind of plastic is underneath, whether it may have the same problem), and the blade is painted metallic purple. (All three have the same handle, so they’re probably meant to depict multiple forms of the same weapon.)

GUWP Draego-Man weapons

GUWP Draego-Man unflamed weaponsGUWP Draego-Man flamed weaponsGUWP Draego-Man whip: Simon Belmont

Horde Prime
Horde Prime was originally shown with a Horde staff, similar to the one that came with Hordak, but it was also cut for cost. So this set completes him too. The staff is black and silver with the red Horde symbol, and features spikes and a few other sculpted details. For all the things that have been cast in black plastic lately, I’m glad this one was, since it has that big black handle that won’t be losing any paint.

GUWP Horde Prime staff

GUWP Horde Prime

The white “Temple of Darkness” Sorceress, based on her appearance in some of the minicomics, is a traveling convention exclusive this year, and some will be sold on later this year. (A date hasn’t been announced yet.) This pack includes a matching white version of her bird form, Zoar. It’s the same bird we’ve seen 4 times already in MOTUC (2 of which were Zoar), and twice with DC figures. There’s no stand (or armor) included, which is a shame, but maybe that will be in some future pack.

GUWP ZoarGUWP Zoar + Sorceress

GUWP Zoar + birds

Hey, anybody want to hook me up with the DCUC Wonder Twins and Beast Boy to complete this set?

200X Man-at-Arms included an arm cannon, and when the 200X-styled Snake Man-at-Arms was kind of underwhelming, fans requested he include the cannon. It was too late for that, but one was later sculpted and shown off, and this pack is how it gets to us. It’s the same basic design as the 200X cannon, but simplified for the Classics style, featuring sculpted details like buttons. It’s a blue that’s not quite the same as either the regular or snake Man-At-Arms’ helmet, maybe somewhere in the middle; and painted with metallic blue highlights and some red. There is a handle inside for his hand to hold, but the snake MAA’s left hand is open, so he can’t hold it that well. It’s also really hard to get it on while he’s wearing his wrist armor, so it’s just easier to remove that. That’s a bit disappointing.

GUWP Man-at-Arms arm cannon

GUWP Man-at-ArmsGUWP 200X Man-at-Arms

Keldor / Skeletor
200X Skeletor included a sword that, like the vintage Power Sword, could split into two halves. This was seen used most prominently by Keldor in the pilot episode of the Mike Young Productions cartoon series. The MOTUC Keldor included a splitting sword, but it was just the power sword with 2 purple halves. Fans demanded the 200X-style sword, eventually one was sculpted and shown, and it’s finally here in this pack. Like the 200X sword, each half has its own blade and handle. Unlike the 200X sword, the two handles don’t attach at the end. One half is a horned skull design painted metallic purple and black, and the other is an eagle design in a copper color, with both featuring a silver blade. They’re both made of purple plastic and not painted where they fit together, so when split, the back side is purple. A batch of these swords were mistakenly made fused together and were given away to attendees of this year’s Power-Con.

GUWP Keldor swords frontGUWP Keldor swords backGUWP Keldor swords combined

GUWP Keldor 1

GUWP Keldor 2

Wrap Up
With all the new pieces in this set, this has to be the most “must own” Weapons Pak so far. It’s just too bad many of these items weren’t included with the figures they belong to. At least we have them now though.

The Great Unrest Weapons Pak was sold in October 2012, and is still available for sale on MattyCollector. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th, and sell out within a few days (or minutes in some cases). The lineup for the November 15 sale seems to be:

– Dekker
– Eternos Palace (Filmation) King Randor
– Castle Grayskull Man (30th Anniversary Create-a-Character contest winner)
A selection of “Essentials” (He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Cat, stands, etc.) are also available for purchase any time.

From October 16, 2012 to January 3, 2013 pre-orders are open for a MOTUC Castle Grayskull. It will only be made if enough people pre-order it by November 12. So if you want one, spread the word. The castle will be based on the original prototype design, which was the way it looked in the 80s minicomics. It’s not cheap though, and shipping can be really high for international customers.

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