The Measure of a Man – Extended Cut (Tee Hee)

Earlier this year when going to see Dark Knight Rises, I noticed on the marquee those magical words “Star Trek”.  I let out a noise not unlike when Scooby-Doo is surprised. I broke out my phone to research, and discovered a  screening of the TNG season one episodes “Where No One Has Gone Before” and “Datalore” to promote the HD restoration and Blu-Ray release. “Can’t miss this” I decided, and ANO’s Jeremiah and I partook. It was a great time, and surprisingly fun to watch with a crowd. I hoped they would continue this with the subsequent season releases, and they have.

This November 29, 2012. Fathom Events and CBS Home Entertainment are bringing two of the best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s second season to the big screen.  “Q Who?” and an extended cut of “The Measure of a Man” featuring 13 additional riveting (hopefully) minutes from one of the consensus best episodes from the entire series. Also clips of  never before seen interviews with cast and crew, and a look at the restoration of season two. So, seriously Trek fans, get out and find a screening near you. In the immortal words of Principal Skinner; “Be there AND be square”.

Fathom Events Page



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