Masters of the Universe Classics: Frosta Review

Frosta mailer

It’s good to finally be getting a core member of the Great Rebellion in MOTUC again. It’s been a while. So far there’s been 3 versions of She-Ra, Bow, a trio of one-episode-wonders, and a horse. Frosta has been my most anticipated She-Ra character and one of my most anticipated MOTU characters overall. Could be because she has a decent design with a color scheme that doesn’t make your eyes bleed, or that one amusing episode where she’s pawing all over He-Man while he looks pretty uncomfortable about it. Either way, I like the character and wanted a 7″ hunk of plastic that looks like her. So how did she turn out?

Frosta cardedFrosta cardback

The clear rubber bands they tie these things in with are often annoying, but this time they wrapped the shield so tight it warped the hell out of it. Jeez Mattel, dial it back a little. It looked like it would be permanently messed up, but I managed to straighten it out with a hair dryer.

Frost shield, warped

As long as I’m talking about the packaging, any time a figure has a cape or long hair they thread it through the plastic tray. Then you get the fun of wrestling the figure out while avoiding scratching it or stripping paint off. You could cut the tray, which I’ve had to do a few times, but any time you’re forced to wield a knife around these things there’s a chance it could end badly. Frosta managed to escape without injury because her cape is pretty flexible and relatively small.

Frosta in style guide pose

Frosta frontFrosta back

Build and Deco
Frosta’s design takes more cues from the Filmation She-Ra cartoon than from the vintage toy. Her outfit, cape, and hairstyle look straight out of the cartoon, while her wand and forearms are based on the original toy. She uses the newer female body with waist articulation, along with the older (better) hip articulation. Aside from a few basic parts (hands, chest, shoulders, biceps, She-Ra / Catra feet), she’s almost all new tooling. She has those new forearms, the dress, and her whole legs, since she has those distinctive thigh-high boots. Because of her ice theme, her boots, skirt, and bodice feature jagged icicle-like designs, a crystal in the middle of her chest, and her skirt has a snowflake design.

Frosta nude frontFrosta nude backFrosta nude headless back

The thighs are also interesting for being the first in the line to actually have buttocks sculpted onto them. She has an ass!

Frosta's sculpted ass

As it turns out, baby got back.

Her paint job is questionable. The main color of her bodice and her upper thighs are dark blue, the crystal on her chest is metallic blue, and the top of her skirt is light blue. That’s all fine, but everything that’s supposed to be white is light gray. Why? It doesn’t really look bad, it’s just wrong. Also the dark blue on her bodice just stops abruptly at her sides instead of covering her back. Again, it doesn’t necessarily look bad, but it’s wrong.

Frosta nude headless side

She’s avoided the painted-over black plastic problem the male figures have had lately, but her hands are cast in skin color and painted over in light gray. Then her hip joints are that same light gray instead of the dark blue of her legs, so it looks weird.

Frosta white joints

Huh, this is the second upskirt shot in this review. You’re welcome, anyone Googling “hot XXX Frosta pics”. For everyone else, sorry for putting that idea in your head.

When the prototype for Frosta was first shown, her face looked kind of awful. I think it was just a bad paint job, because the finished product actually looks great. (Though I still think the eyes are a bit too big.) You can see the resemblance to the cartoon in the prominent cheekbones and lips. She has some light blue eyeshadow which I think is a nice touch. My figure had some of that blue on her cheek, but I was able to wipe it off. Her hair is sculpted well, looks like the cartoon, rests on her shoulders, and doesn’t get in the way of articulation. The paint job leaves something to be desired though. Her hair in the cartoon was a very light blue. The figure’s hair is made of a translucent blue plastic, painted light blue at the top, and less so at the bottom so as to fade out. I thought that was a cool idea, except the base color seems to be too dark and the light paint isn’t light enough, so the whole thing is too dark. Once again, it doesn’t look bad, just wrong.

Frosta face 1Frosta face 2Frosta face 3

The figure was unfortunately misassembled as well. Her forearms are swapped. This is at least the 5th time in the line some body parts have been mixed up, which is really disappointing, but at least this time it’s something you wouldn’t notice unless you’re REALLY looking for it, and it’s relatively easy to fix. The elbows might be tricky to deal with so I didn’t even try, but fortunately you can leave them alone because the bicep pieces look to be pretty much symmetrical. I just heated them up with a hair dryer, popped off the biceps from the shoulders, popped the hands off the wrists, and swapped them. (Obviously any time you’re ripping pieces off a toy there’s a chance it could break, so perform this operation at your own risk.) It really sucks that customers have to fix an error like this, but at least it’s an error that actually can be fixed. Mattel is offering returns and sending out a free gift as an apology to subscribers. The gift hasn’t been revealed, but it’s supposed to be sent out in Q3 2013.

Frosta before forearm fixFrost after forearm fix

Before and after.

Frosta arm pieces

We can rebuild her. We have the technology. It’s called a hair dryer.

Frosta features the usual ball-jointed head; the old-style hip joints that allow the legs to move forward and back, out to the sides, and rotate; shoulder joints that allow the arms to move forward and back as well as out to the sides; ankles, knees, and elbows that bend; and wrists, biceps, and waist that rotate. She doesn’t have boot cuts like most figures because of the thigh-highs. The skirt is fairly flexible, and allows a good amount of leg movement. She can’t do the splits like Tallstar, Jewelstar, or Bubble Power She-Ra, but she has no problem riding Swiftwind. Because of the way her hair rests, it doesn’t get in the way of the head turning. Most of the joints are nice and tight, but one of the knees on mine is a bit loose.

Frosta vs. Leech

Frosta includes a magic wand, a shield and a cape. The cape is a solid blue except for a dark blue collar as she had in the Filmation cartoon. It’s pretty flexible. The wand is an updated version of the one that came with the vintage figure. It’s sort of like a pinwheel with a ring around it, made to resemble a snowflake. The blades are an icy translucent blue, while the rest of the wheel is a light blue (probably closer to what her hair should’ve been), with silver detailing. I think the wand is supposed to be able to spin freely, but mine is too tight and can only turn by hand. The shield is the same one that came with She-Ra and BP She-Ra, made of that icy transparent blue plastic, with metallic blue and silver paint. It’s pretty nice looking, but it’s kind of out of nowhere. It’s too bad we didn’t get another comb/weapon like She-Ra and Catra, or the style guide version of her wand. It also would’ve been cool to get some sort of ice effect that would clip onto her hand(s).

Frosta accessories

Shields from left to right: Bubble Power She-Ra, She-Ra, Frosta, Catra

Frosta: shield and wand

Wrap Up
A lot of things went slightly wrong with this figure, but nothing terribly so. I am disappointed that one of my most anticipated figures isn’t perfect, but I still like it well enough. Really my biggest problem is how dark the hair is. Everything else is easy to ignore. Now we need Glimmer, Castaspella, Queen Angella, and Madam Razz + Broom to finish out the cast shot from the cartoon’s opening sequence. (Not holding my breath for the Twigget girl.)

The Great Rebellion: October 2012

Frosta was sold in October 2012, so you’ll have to check places like Amazon, BigBadToyStore or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th, and sell out within a few days (or minutes in some cases). The lineup for the November 15 sale seems to be:

– Dekker
– Eternos Palace (Filmation) King Randor
– Castle Grayskull Man (30th Anniversary Create-a-Character contest winner)
A selection of “Essentials” (He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Cat, stands, etc.) are also available for purchase any time.

From October 16, 2012 to January 3, 2013 pre-orders are open for a MOTUC Castle Grayskull. It will only be made if enough people pre-order it by November 12. So if you want one, spread the word. The castle will be based on the original prototype design, which was the way it looked in the 80s minicomics. It’s not cheap though, and shipping can be really high for international customers.

Frosta <3 He-Man

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