Masters of the Universe Classics: Rattlor

Rattlor mailer

Rattlor is one figure that I’m not entirely sure I remember having as a kid. He seems really familiar and yet unfamiliar. I know I had King Hiss and Tung Lashor and liked both of them a lot, but I probably just remember Rattlor from their packaging and minicomics. Well, I definitely have him now, but this time he’s bigger, has more articulation and a better paint job.

Rattlor cardedRattlor cardback

Rattlor + snake man #2

Build and Deco
We got a preview of Rattlor’s body in the Snake Men 2-pack. He would’ve had a completely unique sculpt, but his scaly arms and legs got shared with one of those snake men. Besides those shared parts, he has a scaly torso with a tail attached, of course with a rattle at the end. Then, like the vintage figure, he has a large belt with a Snake Men emblem, with the 200X-style long loincloth. His head is very reminiscent of the vintage figure’s head, but with more detail and sharper fangs. I think it looks a little goofy, and from some angles he seems gleefully excited.

Rattlor face

Rattlor is extatic

“Guys, guys! Look at this awesome new toy I got!”

Most of Rattlor’s body is a brick red color, with yellow on his chest and the underside of his tail, and brown fingernails. He also has yellow and blue stripes running the length of his arms and legs. As I mentioned with his body double in the Snake Men 2-pack review, the legs look a little strange to me from the front, more so with these stripes. It could have something to do with how short the vintage figure’s legs were compared to his torso, while this figure has more normal proportions. I dunno. His belt is a sort of brown mustard color, with gold trim, and the loincloth is brown, compared to the vintage figure’s red. The head features white teeth, yellow and red eyes, and red in the mouth. Mine has a bit of paint either slopped on or scratched off on his leg.

Rattlor backRattlor frontRattlor side

Rattlor comparison

As with a number of recent MOTUC figures, most of Rattlor seems to be made from black plastic and painted over. The only parts that seem to be cast in the appropriate color are his upper and lower torso. As I said in that 2-pack review, since this figure and that one are the only figures to use these parts, I don’t see why they didn’t just cast both in Rattlor’s brick red color instead of black. As with most figures with multicolored arms and legs, he has some joints that are the right color on one side and the wrong color on the other side.

Rattlor blue joints

Rattlor has most of the usual MOTUC articulation: a ball-jointed head; hips that allow the legs to move forward and back, out to the sides, and rotate; shoulders that allow the arms to move forward and back as well as out to the sides; ankles, knees, elbows, and abs that bend; biceps, wrists, and waist that rotate. His tail can also turn from side to side. He doesn’t have the usual boot twist since his legs are bare. The head can easily turn all the way around and can look up and down some. Joints are all tight and he has no problem standing, especially with that tail to help.

Rattlor vs. He-Man: Snake Attack!

Is this photo any less awkward when you know the reference?

Action Features
The vintage Rattlor had 2 action features: a springing neck and a rattling sound. The neck feature is mimicked with a removable neck piece just like Mekaneck, which makes it look better than the vintage figure’s single-color, minimally detailed neck. The vintage figure had something in its chest to rattle, while this one rattles in its tail. It’s more anatomically correct, but as a result, the new figure is much quieter. It seems to get stuck pretty easily too, so I have to smack it to get it working again.

Rattlor extended neck frontRattlor extended neck back

Rattlor extended neck comparison

Rattlor vs. Mekaneck: Battle of Necks

In addition to that neck piece, he includes a snake staff and Horde armband. Like the vintage figure, it’s the same staff included with King Hsss in different colors. It’s a brick red snake coiled around a gold staff. It also features gold eyes, white teeth and a pink mouth. The Horde armband seems to be the same one included with both versions of Hordak, black with a red Horde emblem, and it can easily slip on and off either arm for multiple display options. It will fit on the arms of most other male figures as well. Something to watch out for: The armband isn’t really held into the packaging by anything, so mine came flying out when I opened it. Rattlor’s 200X armor was sculpted, but not included because of cost. It’s a good bet this will make it into some future weapons pack.

Rattlor accessories

Rattlor Horde armband

Also included for subscribers was a sheet of The Great Rebellion faction stickers (along with one for Time Agents) to customize your carded figures.

Great Rebellion sticker sheet

Wrap Up
A problem here or there, but overall I think he turned out great, and that Horde armband is a nice nod to his allegiance in the Filmation cartoon. It’s great to finally have another core member of the snake men, but we need more. Snake Face is coming next year and is looking great, but I hope Tung Lashor is coming sooner rather than later.

Rattlor: Snake Men

Rattlor was sold in October 2012, so you’ll have to check places like Amazon, BigBadToyStore or eBay to get it now. New figures go on sale on each month, usually on the 15th, and sell out within a few days (or minutes in some cases). The lineup for the November 15 sale seems to be:

– Dekker
– Eternos Palace (Filmation) King Randor
– Castle Grayskull Man (30th Anniversary Create-a-Character contest winner)
A selection of “Essentials” (He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Cat, stands, etc.) are also available for purchase any time.

From October 16, 2012 to January 3, 2013 pre-orders are open for a MOTUC Castle Grayskull. It will only be made if enough people pre-order it by November 12. So if you want one, spread the word. The castle will be based on the original prototype design, which was the way it looked in the 80s minicomics. It’s not cheap though, and shipping can be really high for international customers.

Rattlor: The Evil Horde


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