Super Mario Large Figure Collection: Koopa Troopa


On a recent stop into Kmart I was quite surprised to see a Koopa Troopa from the 5″ Super Mario figure line looking down at me from the top shelf. I love these Mario figures and new ones are so few and far between. I had to have it.


These vinyl rotocast figures were originally sold in the US by PopCo, with a lineup of 5 blister carded figures: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, and Donkey Kong. A second wave was announced but never materialized, although at least the Goomba from that wave was released in Japan. (It’s hard to tell what else though. There are a LOT of bootleg Mario toys out there.) Later the figures were brought back by Banpresto, in giant window boxes. The only new figures were Wario from that unreleased second wave, and some recolored Yoshis. Now they’re back on blister cards, this time by Goldie Marketing.

profile3/4 view

The packaging doesn’t say what else is in this wave. There’s just some artwork on the back of the card showing a bunch of Mario characters, and Koopa Troopa isn’t even one of them. From what I’ve been able to find out, the other figures are Mario, Luigi, and Toad, so Koopa Troopa is the only new one.


Sculpt and Deco
Like the rest of the figures in this line, the Koopa Troopa looks fantastic. The sculpt is perfect; it looks just like the recent Mario games. He’s a cartoony, anthropomorphic turtle with boots. The body is yellow, with tan, white, black, and 3 shades of green paint apps. The paint doesn’t always stay in the lines properly, especially with a lot of white bleeding onto his shell and a splotch of tan on one of his hands, but overall it looks pretty good.


2" Mario

Uh oh.

9" Mario

The tables have turned!

Standing about 4 1/2″ tall, the Koopa Troopa is about as tall as Mario.

group shot

The figure features a whopping ONE point of articulation: The head can turn. Well, you can tell why the packaging doesn’t call them “action” figures.

head turn, fronthead turn, back

Wrap Up
It’s so great that we finally have another one of these. Some people prefer the 2″ figures, but I think these 5″ figures are the best looking Mario toys out there. It’s really a shame that so few characters have been made. Hopefully Goldie will put out more waves with more new characters.

comparison, frontcomparison, side

question blocks

“It’s a living.”

As I said, I found this one at Kmart, but it looks like they can also be found at Toys R Us. Good luck.


“What the heck was that?”
“Looked like sort of a big turtle…”


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  1. TRU has had a TON of figures in the Mario section lately, but they just keep repackaging old figures in both lines (new single packaging styles, endless box set configurations), and it seems like every time they put the same figures out again the price goes up. The occasional new figure does seem to slip through here and there though. There’s finally a Bowser in a size compatible with the 2″ line, but it’s like $16 and I can’t bring myself to buy it. I love both figure scales, but this has to be one of the most poorly managed toy licenses ever.

    • I managed to find a Bowser at Books-A-Million a while ago, but yeah, I couldn’t spend the $15~ they wanted for it. That’s another weird thing they’re doing with the Mario license. Besides the 2″, 5″ and 9″ lines, there’s another, slightly smaller 2″ line, and the “deluxe” 4″ line this Bowser belongs to.

      C&C Games also has a bigger (9″?) Bowser, but it was also at a price that’s hard to stomach.

  2. I love Koopa Troopa. He is my go to Mario Kart character. How much does this figure cost (apologies if this is in the text and I glossed over it)?

  3. Reblogged this on Collecty.

  4. I am looking for this Koopa Troopa to add to my collection. Does anyone knows anyone that has one for sale?

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