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A View From the Summit: Chapter 2 – Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns

In the last chapter I played through the indescribable oddity that is Zeno Clash, which left me more than a little confused, and I was able to take a step closer to the top of Backlog Mountain.

At the end of my last review, I said I was going to be reviewing Europa Universalis III, but as you can see by the title I’m instead reviewing Shadowrun Returns. Let me shed a little light on this turn of events, which has subsequently led to a new rule in the reviewing process, which is that if a game is broken to the point of unplayability I move on to another game.

In this instance, Europa Universalis III refuses to run on my system, for reasons I have yet to discover. The game seems to install fine, but any time it needs to change screens when not in the main menu, it force-quits to the desktop. Obviously I’d prefer to give the game a fair shake, so if I can solve the issue before I’ve finished the rest of my Backlog, I’ll do a proper review on it.

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A View From the Summit: One Man’s Journey to the Top of Backlog Mountain

I stand here at Base Camp, the cold January wind whipping around me, as I gaze upon the animal I am to tame. Before me, like a great hulking beast, lays my opponent, the Khan to my Kirk. Those who have come before have given this monstrosity a name; they call it Backlog Mountain.

It’s likely not the largest mountain in its range, but it’s my mountain, and I will conquer it. At 136 stories in height, my goal is simple, to reach the summit within a year’s time.


Chapter 1: Zeno Clash

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