Black Cat Review: Marvel Legends Amazing Spider-Man 2 Infinite Series Green Goblin Build-A-Figure Collection

Black Cat w/ whip

Like Carnage in my last review, Black Cat was another character that got a Marvel Legends figure back in the ToyBiz days, which I also never managed to get. This one was exclusive to a Spider-Man Vs. Sinister 6 box set. As with Carnage, I was happy to see Hasbro offering another chance at a figure of an important character in the Spider-Man mythos.

Black Cat vs Carnage

Black Cat, front of boxBlack Cat, back of box

The Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures come in window boxes instead of the more typical blister card packaging. The box features artwork of Spider-Man on the left and right sides, and the back shows a picture of the figure plus its counterpart in a variant case assortment (in this case Anya Corazon Spider-Girl), as well as showing the rest of the figures in this series and the completed Build-A-Figure, Ultimate Green Goblin. Even stranger than Carnage, the box doesn’t seem to say the name Black Cat on it anywhere. Both Black Cat and Spider-Girl are labeled “Skyline Sirens”. Well, thanks Hasbro for making it easier for online stores to screw up and send out the wrong items.

Black Cat fronBlack Cat back

Sculpt and Deco
Black Cat looks really good. The face sculpt is beautiful; the body sculpt is curvy and fit. She’s sexy, which is something a lot of females in comics are, and something a lot of female action figures are not. (The old ToyBiz Legends Black Cat, for example.) So good job Hasbro on pulling that off. She shares her core body with Moonstone and Satana from SDCC 2013’s Thunderbolts set, with new arms, lower legs, chest and head. She features clawed gloves (one clawing hand and one hand for holding an accessory) and high heel boots, with fur on both. Her chest sports a deep neckline showing plenty of cleavage, with fur surrounding it and a zipper pull at the bottom. She also wears a black choker with a silver pendant, resembling a cat’s collar.

Black Cat & Spider-Man 1

Something interesting Hasbro did with this figure is make all the parts other than skin out of the appropriate color instead of painting it, splitting up some parts that would’ve been one piece on some other figures.  Most of the body is black, while the boots and gloves are white. The boots are separate pieces from the rest of the lower legs, the gloves are separate from the rest of the forearms, and the fur lining is a separate piece from the chest. So there are no places where a painted area is supposed to be the same color as a bare plastic area while not quite matching.

Black Cat surprise

There is some paint though: Skin, black on the choker, silver on the pendant and zipper pull. The fur has a light blue wash. It all looks pretty good, except some of the silver paint ended up on the chest on my figure.

Black Cat closeup 1Black Cat closeup 2Black Cat closeup 3

The head was the worst looking part of the old ToyBiz Legends Black Cat. Hasbro did a much better job here. The hair is long, flowing and white, and features the same blue wash as the fur on her suit. The face is nice looking and features a mask that is sculpted and not just painted on. The mask’s black paint doesn’t quite match the line of the sculpt, but it looks perfectly fine as long as you’re more than a few inches away. The lips are painted a pinkish color, which is slightly off to left on my figure. I’ve seen some others like it, so it might be a common issue. Like the mask, it looks okay from a distance, but something does look slightly off about it. Eyes are painted as well, with whites, black for the pupils and eyelashes, and green irises. Mine somehow has a splotch of brown paint in the hair, but it’s easy to overlook.

Black Cat & Spider-Man 2

Black Cat walk frontBlack Cat walk backBlack Cat walk side

© 2013 MARVEL
Female figures always seem to get the short end of the stick on the legal text printed on the figure. The males almost always have it printed in tiny letters on the bottom of the foot, but females get larger text in more obvious places like the legs, on the back, on the butt, etc. Black Cat is far better off than Mattel’s female DC figures that practically have large print novels written on their backs, but why exactly does there have to be a bright white 5 digit number on her leg?

Black Cat poses for movie poster

Various cats

The figure stands a little under 6 1/2″. She’s about as tall as Carnage, Big Time / FF Spider-Man / Scarlet Spider, probably most Hasbro Marvel Legends, DC Universe Classics, and the ToyBiz Superposeable (McFarlane / J. Scott Campbell style) Spider-Man, half a head shorter than Masters of the Universe Classics, and taller than some other ToyBiz Spider-Men, the ASM movie Spider-Man and the ASM2 Spidey from this series. She’s taller than most female Marvel Legends, but that’s because of the high heels.

Black Cat & Spider-Man 3

Black Cat’s head is on a ball, but you get very little movement out of it because of the stiff hair. You can wrangle some poses out of it, but it’s very easy to pop the head off while trying, and I’d worry about the hair scraping paint off the chest. So you’re basically stuck with her looking straight forward and maybe 45 degrees to the left and right.

Black Cat articulation showcase 1

Here you can see how far the legs spread, how high the shoulders go without flipping them around, and how far the elbows bend.

Hips are the same horizontally-mounted ball joints + thigh swivels that a lot of Hasbro figures use these days, as we saw on Carnage. It ends up looking better in some ways and awkward in other ways compared to the ball-shaped swivel-hinge joints a lot of figures use. In this case, I think it looks pretty good (especially the entire area being black to obscure flaws), but the range of movement is severely limited. She just can’t spread her legs very far, limiting the amount of poses you can get her into.

Here's a look at the range of various joints.

Here’s a look at the range of various joints.

The knees are double-jointed and ratcheting, and there is no calf swivel. Shoulders, elbows, ankles and wrists have swivel-hinge joints. Shoulder hinges are ratcheting, shoulder swivels are not. The ankles are pretty loose, even though there’s a bit of ratcheting. Add to that the small footprint of her heels and I had trouble getting her to stay standing in several poses, even with a stand. (You may notice a clear rubber band I was using to tighten up her ankle in some photos.) Hands turn fine, but the hinges are almost wasted, since the wrists get in the way. The elbow hinges have fairly limited range, and can’t reach a 45 degree angle.

Black Cat rocker joint rightBlack Cat rocker joint leftBlack Cat rocker joint forwardBlack Cat rock joint back

Instead of a waist swivel or ab hinge, the torso has what I guess is called a rocker joint. It can turn all the way around and rock left, right, forward and back. It doesn’t have the range of an ab hinge, but it is a fun and satisfying joint to play with. I also think this joint just looks better than the alternatives.

Black Cat vs. Kingpin 1

Besides the Ultimate Green Goblin Build-A-Figure piece, the only accessory is her whip. The whip features claws at the end (because cats), and the whip itself is sculpted as a braided rope. It’s cast in black plastic with the claws painted silver. (The paint on mine goes an extra half inch or so too far.) It’s made in a flowing, mid-whipping position, but is flexible enough to pull it out straight or twist it up.

Black Cat Accessories

Black Cat comes with the Goblin’s torso, which is the most important piece. UGG shares a few parts with the Hulk from the Avengers movie line. This torso is entirely the same, just in different colors and with tighter joints. If you can’t find or don’t feel like buying all the figures necessary to complete him, a few of his parts are compatible with other BAF parts so you can Frankenstein together something different. The head can be swapped with that Avengers Hulk or Mandroid from the Captain America: The Winter Soldier series. Arms can be swapped with Mandroid, or Iron Monger from the Iron Man 3 series. (Watch out though, those arms aren’t made to come apart once you’ve attached them.)

Green Goblin BAF so farGreen Goblin Hulk swap

Green Goblin Mandroid cyborg

Extra Fun
Both feet have 3mm peg holes, so you can use the interlocking stands that came with the Avengers movie figures and some Marvel Legends, as well as Mattel’s DCUC stands. As with many of Hasbro’s recent 6″ figures, and similar to MOTUC, the head can be popped off and swapped onto other figures for amusement or easy customs. There’s not as much consistency in size compared to MOTUC. A lot of Marvel Legends figures fit, but many don’t (and most the Star Wars Black Series figures don’t fit with each other, let alone with Marvel figures). Black Cat is particularly awkward for this because her peg hole isn’t as deep in her head as the male figures. I assume she’d be an easy swap with those Thunderbolts figures though.

Black Zemo, Baron Cat, Captain Carnage, and uh, America

Final Thoughts
Like Carnage, this is one of my favorite Marvel Legends figures. It’s just not as overwhelmingly positive as with Carnage. The sculpt is great, I love how the figure looks, but the articulation falls short in a couple of ways.

Black Cat vs. Kingpin 2

Black Cat taunt

Black Cat & Spider-Man 4

If you’d like to get your hands on this figure, they should be found in all the usual places, such as Toys R Us, Target, Amazon, etc. I found mine at Kmart, and have seen this series at Walmart. Problem is, this figure is one per case and pretty popular, so it may be tough to track down. Worse yet, there is a refresh case that replaces Black Cat with Spider-Girl. Good luck!


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