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Review: Android – Netrunner


I’ve been mulling the possibility of this review around in my mind for a while now.  Every time I’d start to outline a review, I would hesitate.  I really wanted to spend more time with the game, exploring its depth and intricacies to ensure I really had a refined impression.  After having spent a sufficient amount of time with the game now, I feel I can no longer delay.  I must share the glory that is Android: Netrunner with my friends and our readers.

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Ezio Auditore to fight in Soul Calibur V

Following a trend of cameos that started with the first Soul Calibur, wherein Yoshimitsu (from the Tekken series) joined the “tale of souls and swords, eternally retold…” the above screenshot has recently been leaked which shows Ezio Auditore from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series also joining the “tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.”

(minor rant to follow…)

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Review: Dominion

Earlier this summer I was introduced to Dominion, a card based tabletop strategy game.  Wait! Before you run in horror, hear me out on this.

Let me begin with the simple declaration that I love this game.  In this review I will do my best to explain why I love Dominion and why YOU should give it a try.

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Bastion Easter Egg: Steam version only.

Bastion Easter Egg

I’m pretty bummed this is available only on the Steam version and not the XBLA version.


‘Blade Runner’: Ridley Scott Directing New Film

Scott is set to Direct, not just Produce.

Deadline reports that Ridley Scott is going to be directing a new film in the “Blade Runner” world.  It is not yet clear if the film will be a prequel, a sequel, or *shudder* a reboot.

Back in March, Alcon Entertainment, a Warner Bros-based production company (“The Blind Side“, “The Book of Eli“) secured the film, television and ancillary franchise rights to “Blade Runner.”

Scott is currently working on “Prometheus” the “Alien” Prequel/Reboot/Spin-off.

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Can’t Wait for Deep Space Nine to come to Netflix?

If you have Amazon Prime, you need wait no longer.

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Review: Bastion

This game has soul…

To say that Bastion is the best Live Arcade game that I’ve played this year would be a bit of an understatement.  This is perhaps my favorite game of the year, period.

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Street Fighter Onslaught Continues

Capcom has released a new trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken at Gamescom 2011.

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Drinking, Smoking, and Misogyny: Now Available on Netflix Streaming.

Another Netflix Update, they’ve been quite busy these days.

Mad Men

Today the first four seasons of AMC’s much beloved and critically acclaimed series is now available on Instant Streaming.

Though, I am loath to admit, I’ve not seen a single episode. That only means I am delighted to get the chance to watch the series, in its entirety.  Because frankly, this is how I prefer to consume my television.

Here is a brief synopsis from

It’s 1960, and ad executive Don Draper rules the roost at New York’s Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency amid a glamorous climate of never-ending cocktail hours, worry-free smoking and ego-stroking power in this Emmy-winning series. Draper has the good fortune of being a man’s man –and a ladies’ man to boot. But with the world beginning to change, he’ll have to use all his smarts to stay one step ahead.

Culture Shock: Netflix Influentials

My picks for the most influential films available on Netflix.

I’m limiting myself to Netflix Streaming because, well let’s be honest, you probably should have a Netflix subscription. I’m a walking advertisement for Netflix, so I won’t bore you with the sales pitch, mostly I’m thinking of accessability here. Many of these movies aren’t likely to be found at your average Blockbuster or Redbox, but Netflix and their partners were kind enough to make these films available for streaming.

I will tell you that when I started writing this article, I had no idea how deep this particular rabbit hole went. Regardless, I had already begun the descent. With your permission and votes of interest, I will break this list down, into more manageable chunks. We’ll start with five films today, and I won’t even tell you how many more I have lined up in order to save myself some face if it turns out no one is interested. But I’m hoping some of us out there are interested in adding a little culture to our lives… for the low price of a Netflix subscription, which we, in all likelyhood, already have.

I should also note that I’m starting with early film here. You have been warned, some films have subtitles and a few are even SILENT. I’ll give you a brief summary of what makes it influential and spend little to no time on critical exposition. I’m simply telling you WHY you might want to watch it, or at the very least, be aware of the film.

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