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I’m Going to Call it Vindication

Yea that’s right. We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!

Earlier this morning I was woken up with news from a friend of the site that Avengers had broken all the previous records and had the largest opening weekend of all time.  Take that, Harry Potter.  Of course if you want more than just the word of some nerds there are official news stories saying the same thing.

So what does this all mean?  It means that finally we’re all vindicated for loving these comics so much, for believing you can stay true to the source material and still get a good flick everyone will want to see, oh and that this is the most rad time to be a nerd ever.  Enjoy the moment guys, we’ve earned it.  Also, seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet get going before someone can spoil it!  Run!  For the good of the city!

Anyone want to start making plans for a midnight Avengers 2 viewing and party?  I know I do.

Free Comic Book Day!

Happy Free Comic Book Day everyone!  The first Saturday in May every year the industry gets together to release a bunch of free comics for people to pick up and enjoy.  I made my way out to my LCBS and grabbed my haul (a few of my top choices seen above) and the place was packed.  Good to see so many people coming out to celebrate comics.  Also picked up a copy of Saga #1 (third printing!) finally so expect a review of that to come.  They also had artists signing and doing sketches for free so make sure if you get a chance you go check it out.  Of course the best way to end a day of celebrating comics is to go out and see The Avengers, so make a day of it!

For anyone interested here’s a list of comics for free you can check out and see which ones you might want to pick up.  Support the store too of course, buy yourself some books or some trades.  Comics!

Love Letter to MCA

My musical tastes have managed to remain anything but static over the years, I’ve gladly (and happily at times) listened to new stuff and tried to give just about everything a fair try.  A few particulars I’ve heard over my long love of music have managed to stick with me from the minute I heard them until time comes I can’t hear it anymore.  Today saw the passing of one of these people I really never thought I’d have to imagine a world without; MCA of the Beastie Boys died today after a long battle with cancer.  I just want to take a minute to put down some words for not only him but the group about how much I’ve enjoyed their music since the first time I saw the video for “You Have to Fight For Your Right” years ago.  I remember distinctly the first time I saw it; this was when rap was something I hadn’t really much paid any interest in, but here I was suddenly captivated by the images I was seeing.  The video was just this long entertaining exposition about how sometimes you have to make sure you don’t let the world fence you in; you have to fight to make sure you retain your own identity.  The world got a little darker today, MCA will be missed immensely.  Thanks for all the hours of good tunes, good times, and good memories with friends listening to the Beastie Boys.  Kick it!

We’ll miss ya, MCA.

Perfect Assembly

So, this movie comes out today, you might have heard of it, its The Avengers. If you’re like me (by the way I’m sorry) then sometimes you’re sitting there reading a comic book and thinking to yourself: “Man I wish I could enjoy this without having to go through all the trouble of reading.” Okay, maybe no one has thought that, maybe I made it up. The point here is somehow someone has in fact done this very thing. The Avengers is a comic book brought to life, panels jumping off the screen and turning into fully imagined real life manifestations. I suppose though, what you all really want to know is if it was good or not. Let’s find out.

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A Jaunt Worthy of Praise


Every once in a good long while I manage to stumble across a game (and I use the term in the most loose of senses) that not only defies the very medium it exists in, but also blows my mind and captures my attention so fully that other games go neglected. One of the first games like this was Flow; a game I stumbled across quite by accident. No one told me to check it out, pointed me in the game’s direction, or handed me a copy. I saw a quick bit about it on some game site, thought it looked interesting, so I went after it myself. I started playing the game quite innocently then I looked up and realized almost eight hours had passed. That being said it is no surprise thatgamecompany, the same people responsible for Flow, caught me again, this time with Journey. Read the rest of this entry

Excitement Factor Nine

Alright, not gonna lie about this one, but I totally had a full-on nerdgasm when I heard this. I’m saying new pants were called for; yes people I was that excited. I’m talking about the news that one of my favorite writers is returning to comics (FINALLY! Its only been what feels like ALL TIME EVER) to pen another original narrative. Oh man, I can’t wait to tell you guys about this. Just kidding, I can. See, this is called a teaser. The build up! Alright, I actually -can’t- wait to tell you. Brian K. Vaughan returns to comics with Saga, an all new original title due out March 14th. Seriously if that alone isn’t enough to get you a little excited get the hell off my website. For the rest of you, let’s hop below.

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Tips to Help Combat Piracy

So all this madness with businesses trying to put the lock down on my interwebs needs to stop. SOPA, PIPA, and across the pond they’ve got ACTA are all the beginning of what could be a very slippery slope into full on Orwellian dystopia. I get the spirit of it all, they want people to stop just stealing their stuff. That’s fine, I agree. If I wrote something worth selling and people just stole it and handed it around I’d be sad. Also I would continue to be super poor. Both things I’d like to avoid. So, I’d like to help. Hollywood, here are some suggestions I have for you to help you combat piracy and get people back in the theater watching movies.

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The Social Butterfly Effect

Today I canceled my subscription to Star Wars The Old Republic. I’m a bit bummed by this news, I love the game and so far I’ve had a blast playing it. The time, however, was nigh to prepare myself to walk away. If I change my mind I still have 24 days to renew before my current time runs out. The question you’re all wondering, I’m sure, is why quit playing a game you enjoy playing? Well, the answer and a quick dip into what makes the second M in MMO so important to me after the break.

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Player Two Has Entered the Game


This time its a quick one!  A heads up and a quick promo for a friend of ANO.  Our good friend, Superplayertwo,  has his own live stream channel over at TwitchTV, where he streams games in HD (720 of them p and everything!), talks with people in the attached chat room, and shows off some of the most rad games out there.  Lately he’s been streaming the Diablo 3 beta and fielding as many questions as he can for anyone with a mind to ask.  More info after the break.

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Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Yes, I realize I haven’t posted in a good long while.  Yes I regret it.  But please we are not gathered here today to berate me or to point out my shortcomings (of which there are MANY I assure you) today we gather on the eve of an auspicious time.  Our very beloved and free internet hangs by a thread, all could go to ruin.  Don’t let it happen.  We have the power and the chance to let our representatives know we do not support this, we do not want this, we will not stand for this.  SOPA and PIPA are terrible bits of legislation that must not make it into law.  Tell them to stop supporting their pocket books!  Need more info?  How about some links?

Be informed!  Let your state reps know how you feel!  I did.  Twice.