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Webcomic Wednesday: Hijinks Ensue

What?  No, it isn’t late.  How dare you accuse me of such things.  It is, however; awesome.  Yes!  Once more we return to the fancy tubes of the internet for another healthy helping of Webcomic Wednesday.  The one place where FINALLY Hijinks Ensue.  BUT FOR REALS!


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Webcomic Wednesday: LFG


I’ve been led to believe yesterday was in fact Wednesday, and somehow I just lost track.  I’m beginning to think my lack of daily awareness should be cause for concern.  Regardless, my lack of a proper calendar aside, there’s something I must do.  No matter if you like it or not!  Yes, that’s right.  Time for another Webcomic Wednesday!  This week we search for friends, allies, and my favorite Dick ever.  That’s right we’re Looking for Group!

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Webcomic Wednesday: Megatokyo!

Welcome back to another edition of Webcomic Wednesday!  Today we’ve got one that likely needs no preamble or build up but I’m a creature of habit so I’m doing one anyway.  This one is likely one of the more popular of the webcomics out there, surpassed perhaps only by Penny Arcade.  That’s right, this week its the behemoth that is Megatokyo.


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Webcomic Wednesday: This time its a double!


Welcome back to another installment of Webcomic Wednesday!  Yeah yeah, I know I skipped last week.  Pipe down you vultures, sometimes I just can’t make deadlines.  Especially fake ones I set for myself.  At least I finally understand all those webcomic posts from the creators about how they “just didn’t get an update out on time”.  Will it make it up to you if I talk about TWO this week?  No?  Well too bad, I’m going to anyway.  Behold!  I give you NPC and City of Zeroes!
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Webcomic Wednesday: Whomp!


Hello once again and welcome to another installment of Webcomic Wednesday!  I’m your host an- eh?  What’s that?  You say there never has been one before?  Hey, how about you shut up and let the blogger blog?  I’ll tell you what there hasn’t been yet, and that’s a fight between 40 thousand midgets and a minotaur.  Anyway, rude interruptions aside, this is Webcomic Wednesday; where I bring you a new webcomic every week, tell you about it, and inevitably tell you why you should or should not be reading said webcomic.  Lets begin shall we?  This week a favorite of the ANO staff:  Whomp!

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Webbing the Comics

Ah webcomics.  One of the few things I always come back to.  Fads on the web are very fleeting, and typically the world processes them and goes through them faster than a burrito from your local taco shack.  Yet I keep coming back, and finding new and exciting ones while I do it.  Okay maybe not exciting, but new at least!  There exists a short list of my favorites, comics that no matter what I will follow even if I’m on vacation far from my computer.  I’ll borrow a computer, look it up on my phone, or call someone just to hear them describe it if I have to.  These are some of the best I think the genre has to offer.  What follows is five of them and why I think you should check them out.
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Comically Entrenched

No, neither of these people are me. I think.

I have some of the best memories sitting around on a lazy day during summer or on a weekend with the comics section of the local paper in my hot little hands.  Favorites include classics such as Calvin & Hobbes or newer ones I only saw when in high school such as Zits.  This is all well and good of course but we all know print is dead (Thank you once more, Egon) so the question remains where are we to go to find those wonderful strips of funny, and what about those people who are compelled to become cartoonists in this wild digital age?  Well I see only one solution: webcomics.  I’ve been a fan of webcomics since I first discovered them ages ago when internet speeds hit all time highs of 48.8 kbps or even the mythical 56.6 (for all you kids too young to know what those numbers mean:  get off my lawn).  There are a vast majority of them out there, of every genre you can imagine.  Some make it big, others fail or are satisfied simply presenting content to a small handful of people forever.  It doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy doing what you love.  Regardless my long diatribe on a love for the medium, when a new webcomic slides through my radar it can sometimes be dismissed quickly.  Rarely one lands and makes a huge impact on me.  I’m here to talk about one of the rare ones.  Welcome … to The Trenches.


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