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Stay Awhile and Listen ….

Not too long ago I joined a bunch of like-minded gamers in the midnight release of Diablo 3. It was a lot of fun, I met some good people, made some new friends, and picked up my own copy of the game to bring home and lose my life to (I regret nothing!). So its been awhile since that night, I’ve had plenty of time to dig deep into the game. The question now is how is it? Has twelve years of waiting and anticipation been too much for any game to live up to? Has it just been too long for the game to be relevant at all? Well, those are good questions; the answers after the break.

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Evil Has Returned!

Diablo 3 is metal! The line to pick up your preorder begins here.

As a huge fan of midnight releases (both movies and games) it seemed a no brainer for me to head out and pick up Diablo 3 tonight; however, I hadn’t preordered the game. Well, originally I had but when friend of the site Superplayertwo offered me the chance to buy one of the Collector Editions he’d bought I jumped at the chance; the CE had been unavailable by the time I got around to pre-ordering. No longer having a reason to go out and join my fellow gamers in their pre game revelry I was going to let this one pass me by. That is until Superplayertwo invited me along for when he picked up his. On a whim I grabbed my camera, a note pad, a pen, and my journalistic sense of adventure and made my decision to do a write-up about the event. Here it is.

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Excitement Factor Nine

Alright, not gonna lie about this one, but I totally had a full-on nerdgasm when I heard this. I’m saying new pants were called for; yes people I was that excited. I’m talking about the news that one of my favorite writers is returning to comics (FINALLY! Its only been what feels like ALL TIME EVER) to pen another original narrative. Oh man, I can’t wait to tell you guys about this. Just kidding, I can. See, this is called a teaser. The build up! Alright, I actually -can’t- wait to tell you. Brian K. Vaughan returns to comics with Saga, an all new original title due out March 14th. Seriously if that alone isn’t enough to get you a little excited get the hell off my website. For the rest of you, let’s hop below.

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