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Tiny Tower: A tale of an addictive game

Tiny Tower

I’ve never been interested in games like FarmVille or Mafia Wars. In fact, I frequently scoffed at people on my Facebook wall for posting updates about their farms or taking over an area of town (that’s something you do on Mafia Wars, right?). Some of my friends would post updates every day about their progress in a game, and all I could think was, “what are they doing with their day?”

However, last weekend I was browsing the App Store on my iPhone looking for apps of interest and I came across Tiny Tower. I had read a few reviews saying it was a fun game, and the App Store rating was very high, so I decided to download it—after all, it’s free. For those of you who have not played played this game, Tiny Tower is a management sim game in which you’re in charge of a building that starts out with 2 floors, and your goal is to keep building floors until you create a (tiny) tower. On each floor, you can choose to build a store or housing (for store employees). In order to build more floors you have to earn money, which is done by selling products in a store, transporting people to a floor in the elevator and collecting rent.

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