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Disney Buys Lucas Films: Why This is Good News

It is an energy field found in all things. It unites us, it binds us, it brings the galaxy together. Those words sparked more hope, inspiration, and deep feelings of what it means to be a good person than the entire sum of the rest of my whole life has to this very moment. I was hooked young, some of my earliest memories are of watching the Star Wars trilogy. Read the rest of this entry

The Social Butterfly Effect

Today I canceled my subscription to Star Wars The Old Republic. I’m a bit bummed by this news, I love the game and so far I’ve had a blast playing it. The time, however, was nigh to prepare myself to walk away. If I change my mind I still have 24 days to renew before my current time runs out. The question you’re all wondering, I’m sure, is why quit playing a game you enjoy playing? Well, the answer and a quick dip into what makes the second M in MMO so important to me after the break.

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Webcomic Wednesday: LFG


I’ve been led to believe yesterday was in fact Wednesday, and somehow I just lost track.  I’m beginning to think my lack of daily awareness should be cause for concern.  Regardless, my lack of a proper calendar aside, there’s something I must do.  No matter if you like it or not!  Yes, that’s right.  Time for another Webcomic Wednesday!  This week we search for friends, allies, and my favorite Dick ever.  That’s right we’re Looking for Group!

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Webcomic Wednesday: This time its a double!


Welcome back to another installment of Webcomic Wednesday!  Yeah yeah, I know I skipped last week.  Pipe down you vultures, sometimes I just can’t make deadlines.  Especially fake ones I set for myself.  At least I finally understand all those webcomic posts from the creators about how they “just didn’t get an update out on time”.  Will it make it up to you if I talk about TWO this week?  No?  Well too bad, I’m going to anyway.  Behold!  I give you NPC and City of Zeroes!
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This is Madness!

Let’s talk games shall we?  There have been several of my esteemed partners in Occurrency that have written about them already.  Even I did.  Kind of.  I off handedly said WoW was better than Rift or something like that, but if you read deeper it says so much more.  Now then let’s get past that, alright?  Good.  Now then, I like games, you like games, we all like games.  The fun kind, not the kind that involve the fairer sex and end with one person having a severe case of the “WTF’s”.  But if you are like me you have a limited budget upon which to purchase, support, and play said games.  So when one of these Free-to-play games comes along I tend to give it a small benefit of the doubt.  Enter:  Realm of the Mad God.


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Rifting on the WoW

Ah nuts, someone order a truck load of pizza, gonna be a long night.

I’ve been playing MMOs for a good portion of my gaming history at this point, going all the way back to Ultima Online.  So when I tried out the Rift trial a friend of mine tossed my way I was in no way exaggerating when I fired the game up, played it for a bit and matter of factually declared “I’ve played this before” to an empty room (I really need to stop talking to myself so much).  This is in no way dismissive nor is it a backhanded slam against the game, in fact I actually enjoyed the game for what I played.  Anyone who knows me, however; knows I’m a pretty hardcore WoW addict.  Was Rift enough to break me of the habit?  Find out what I really thought about Rift and how it stacks up when compared to the current behemoth that is World of Warcraft after the break.


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