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My Five Favorite Games of 2011 That Weren’t Skyrim

The title should more or less get you up to speed on what’s happening here: your classic once a year condensation of everything awesome that happened for twelve months.  The last three years or so have been a pretty amazing time to be a gamer, and 2011 was certainly no exception.  And as someone with no real genre preference, it was an overwhelming year to say the least.  I feel a deep responsibility somehow to play everything that’s good, and that left me playing catch-up on 2010’s lineup for a large portion of 2011.  To be honest, I still am.

So realize, this is in no way a definitive “Best Of” list.  I’m not a magazine, and I entertain no such obligations.  These are the games that broke through the backlog, rudely shoving their way to the front of the line and demanding to be played immediately.  And nobody could stop them or do anything about it, because they were so awesome.  Also note that I am leaving off The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which is by no means a slight towards that game-quite the opposite in fact.  I am playing Skyrim with a devout focus that will one day be commemorated in the form of a Twilight Zone style cautionary tale.  When the last dungeon has been satisfactorily cleared of bandits, I will emerge squinty-eyed and gray-haired from my apartment into a world of flying cars and harsh gorilla overlords.

And besides, Skyrim will be on everyone’s list, you can get that anywhere.

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Bastion Easter Egg: Steam version only.

Bastion Easter Egg

I’m pretty bummed this is available only on the Steam version and not the XBLA version.


Review: Bastion

This game has soul…

To say that Bastion is the best Live Arcade game that I’ve played this year would be a bit of an understatement.  This is perhaps my favorite game of the year, period.

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