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Here Come the Men in Black … Again

I think I can be forgiven for letting a movie like Men in Black 3 slip through my otherwise tight nerd screening net; I mean hey we all saw the second one right?  Regardless my lack in diligence about keeping up with the secret government organizations that patrol and monitor alien activity on Earth I did manage to make it to a theater and see it.  I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised.  I suppose this little bit of sci-fi comic nerdery will have to hold me over until I get to slide my eyeballs all up and down Promethus’ sexy self later.  In the interim, let us sit down and have a bit of a chat about MIB3 and what made it not terrible.

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I’m Going to Call it Vindication

Yea that’s right. We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!

Earlier this morning I was woken up with news from a friend of the site that Avengers had broken all the previous records and had the largest opening weekend of all time.  Take that, Harry Potter.  Of course if you want more than just the word of some nerds there are official news stories saying the same thing.

So what does this all mean?  It means that finally we’re all vindicated for loving these comics so much, for believing you can stay true to the source material and still get a good flick everyone will want to see, oh and that this is the most rad time to be a nerd ever.  Enjoy the moment guys, we’ve earned it.  Also, seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet get going before someone can spoil it!  Run!  For the good of the city!

Anyone want to start making plans for a midnight Avengers 2 viewing and party?  I know I do.

Free Comic Book Day!

Happy Free Comic Book Day everyone!  The first Saturday in May every year the industry gets together to release a bunch of free comics for people to pick up and enjoy.  I made my way out to my LCBS and grabbed my haul (a few of my top choices seen above) and the place was packed.  Good to see so many people coming out to celebrate comics.  Also picked up a copy of Saga #1 (third printing!) finally so expect a review of that to come.  They also had artists signing and doing sketches for free so make sure if you get a chance you go check it out.  Of course the best way to end a day of celebrating comics is to go out and see The Avengers, so make a day of it!

For anyone interested here’s a list of comics for free you can check out and see which ones you might want to pick up.  Support the store too of course, buy yourself some books or some trades.  Comics!

Perfect Assembly

So, this movie comes out today, you might have heard of it, its The Avengers. If you’re like me (by the way I’m sorry) then sometimes you’re sitting there reading a comic book and thinking to yourself: “Man I wish I could enjoy this without having to go through all the trouble of reading.” Okay, maybe no one has thought that, maybe I made it up. The point here is somehow someone has in fact done this very thing. The Avengers is a comic book brought to life, panels jumping off the screen and turning into fully imagined real life manifestations. I suppose though, what you all really want to know is if it was good or not. Let’s find out.

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Something Wicked-Awesome This Way Comes

What’s that you say?  No lead-in image?  Yeah, we’re saving this one for after the break.  But first, how about some preamble?

In the current world of “move fast, remember later” entertainment, many are already looking past next summer’s Avengers flick to try to figure out what might be next for Marvel Studios.  Of course they’ve still got sequels to Thor and a third Iron Man to work on, not to mention an Ant Man movie still rumored to be on the horizon, and they’ve even got a Doctor Strange (Marvel’s “Gandalf” and one of my personal favorite characters) movie coming together. But let’s go further than that.  We’re talking years down the line now; the next big thing they do after Avengers.  What could it be?  Find out after the break.

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Edward Cullen takes over Spider-Man job











Goth girls, start clearing out some poster space.

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about Sony’s upcoming franchise reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man.  Now I just don’t know what to think.  Sure, it’s just one picture, but seriously.  Sony took so much internet backlash for Peter Parker’s emo turn in Spider-Man 3, and that was only a couple scenes.  Now he looks like Twilight‘s Edward Cullen on a weekend trip to Comic-Con, and this presumably will be for the entire movie.  I don’t know what’s going to be more embarrassing, watching him try to brood through the mask for 120 minutes, or seeing how he fits all that hair under there.

Maybe in the sequel he can battle Man-Wolf to see who can seduce more desperate outcast high school girls.*


*Sony, if you use this idea, I want money.