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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Not the Adjective I’d Have Used


It’s completely unfair, not to mention unprofessional, to judge a film outside of its own merits.  You don’t go into a grade school art show and berate a child for not producing the Mona Lisa, in the same way that movie critics don’t begin every review with, “Well, it was no Citizen Kane“.  That being said, if the aforementioned grade school artist is loudly demanding millions of dollars and a dedicated wing at the Louvre for their already-crumbling macaroni portrait, it might be time to  sit down and have a little chat about the comparative merits of art.  So with that in mind, Sony…listen.  Your Amazing Spider-Man franchise is NEVER going to be The Avengers.  It’s just not.  And that’s okay!  Literally nobody but you wants or expects it to be.  And yet…

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Hello, Christine. How are you feeling?

How am I feeling?! I’ll tell you how I’m feeling. I’m feeling pissed that Dollhouse is over. Shall I go now?

As a permanent attachment to Joss Whedon’s nuts (Exhibit A), I finally got around to watching Dollhouse. I haven’t had cable in at least 5 years so there have been many shows that I’ve missed out on. The man-friend and I watched both Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer this year and it only seemed proper to watch Dollhouse to round out our viewing of shows created by Whedon.*

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