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Thrift Store Adventures Volume 3: Seven Favorite Finds

For the this installment of Thrift Store Adventures, I thought it might be nice to show why I enjoy going to thrift stores. It’s not always for the lulz. Sometimes you see some really cool stuff. Here are seven of my favorite things I came across in my thrift store adventures:

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Hot Wheel’s Faster Than Ever 2011: Volkswagen Type 181

After I finished my review of the Volkswagen Fall Fling 2012, I rewarded my efforts by adding a Volkswagen car to my Hot Wheels (and Matchbox) collection. I still have my complete childhood collection, which ranged from mainly funny cars to some real life cars, so after I gained an appreciation for muscle cars and in particular the old American iron thanks to my dad, I started collecting them again with a focus on pre-1972 muscle cars. Here’s a review of that toy, since I figured it’d be a fun diversion from the academic reviews we normally provide.

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