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Something Wicked-Awesome This Way Comes

What’s that you say?  No lead-in image?  Yeah, we’re saving this one for after the break.  But first, how about some preamble?

In the current world of “move fast, remember later” entertainment, many are already looking past next summer’s Avengers flick to try to figure out what might be next for Marvel Studios.  Of course they’ve still got sequels to Thor and a third Iron Man to work on, not to mention an Ant Man movie still rumored to be on the horizon, and they’ve even got a Doctor Strange (Marvel’s “Gandalf” and one of my personal favorite characters) movie coming together. But let’s go further than that.  We’re talking years down the line now; the next big thing they do after Avengers.  What could it be?  Find out after the break.

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