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Secret Diaries of Dr. Victor Drankenstein Ch. 18: On the Joose

I’ll just be honest here, normally I wouldn’t bother dusting off my lab coat for a Joose review.  Not that it’s necessarily bad or anything, it’s just that the flavors tend to get released in lockstep with their main competitor Four Loko, so there’s just no reason to bother.  Except for Dragon Joose I guess, but I got that mostly because I’m a sucker for things about dragons-even drinks, apparently.  And even that just ended up being grape.  Nothing to write the Internet about.  Now Sweet Peach Iced Tea and Mango,  that’s super exciting right?  How about if I drink both?  Yeah, now we’re talking!

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Secret Diaries of Dr. Victor Drankenstein Ch 12: The “small” can is still sixteen ounces

I know, I know…only twelve weeks in and I’m already looping back to brands I’ve previously covered.  I still have plenty of new stuff in mind, I assure you.  I saw these for the first time a couple weeks ago though, and they’ve been distracting me!  Poco Loko: two thirds the size and alcohol content of a standard issue Four Loko, at 16oz and 8% respectively.  Normally I wouldn’t even care about something smaller and weaker than the flagship product, but this was a four pack for $4, so it’s still getting more for cheaper.  Plus it’s mango!

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