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I’m back … from outer space

I couldn’t resist the title.  I apologize.

Bear with me here. I know this has got to be an old topic for most of you. I mean the game is already over six months old. Plus this is for DLC. DLC that came out like what, two weeks ago? I know. I’m living in the past man! Well, listen here you future folk, I got something to say and you’ll hear it. Tonight we talk all about how awesome Mass Effect 3: Leviathan really is.

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Mass Effect: Final Thoughts and Goodbyes

Yes I reused this picture.  One of the best ensemble shots ever.


They say the journey is the real important part; our destination can be seen as the final stroke on an otherwise brilliant manuscript of adventures, challenges, and discoveries. My journey began a ways back when I was handed a copy of Mass Effect and told “Play this, you’ll like it. Trust me.” Trust him I did. He was right (of course). Back in March (is it seriously already August?) I went out with everyone else and picked up my copy of Mass Effect 3, eager to take it home and experience the final chapter of my favorite science fiction universe ever. Now, finally, months later I feel like I’ve finished it. I’ve devoured this bit of wonderful story telling from beginning to end (twice). So let’s talk about it.  Oh and be warned, there are spoilers here.

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On Video Game Prices and DLC: Greedy Businesses Are Always Trying to Stay Profitable

I worried, for a while, when I realized the time was approaching when I would have no choice but to write the article you are about to read.  I worried that the opinions contained herein would be extremely unpopular.  Then I realized that as a journalist, sometimes it’s my job to highlight unpopular opinions for the greater good.  And even more importantly, I realized that as an increasingly cranky old man my opinions are often facts.  So let me tell you a few things, kids.  I’ve been gaming on home consoles since the industry was but a mere toddler.  I remember a time before anybody knew what a Nintendo was.  I’ve seen the industry shift a lot over the past 30 years, but never have I seen so many gamers so convinced that they were somehow getting scammed.  From gaming message boards to mobile app stores, it seems like “greedy developers trying to make money” is a pretty hot topic these days.  From the $60 price tag on new games to Satan’s own marketing ploy, the dreaded DLC, gamers have their collective panties in a twist anytime anybody tries to charge them money for anything.  And to that ever-growing and ever-more irritable substrata of game enthusiasts, I confidently proclaim, “You are objectively wrong.  Untwist those panties, and stop being wrong, for once in your life”.  Let me help you.  Read the rest of this entry

The Preorder Curse Strikes Again. Thanks, Newegg!

You may remember my article regarding preorders from a while back.  This one, in which I detail caving on my no-preorder stance only to have GameStop sell my copy before I could even pick it up on release day.  So I thought next time around I’d be smart about it.  Online preorders seemed like a pretty good idea, often offering discounted prices and release date delivery.  When it came time to preorder my copy of Mass Effect 3, easily my most anticipated game of the entire year, I went with  I filled out my order around a month ago, and began the waiting game.

The first round of disappointment came when they shipped my order on release day, and sent it UPS.  Okay, I thought.  I’d get it a day or two late.  I’d also have to set up a stakeout to catch the delivery, because the UPS driver here practices Ninjitsu, the art of invisibility.  He also hates delivering packages, preferring to deliver slips of  paper letting me know I can drive to pick up my package at their hub the next day.  So today finally arrived.  My precious cargo was out for delivery.  Six or seven hours into the stakeout, it finally arrived.  Eager beyond belief for what is sure to be an amazing game, I tore open the package in the hallway on my way back to the apartment.

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